March brides in new jersey?!?
I want to have my wedding in march, (because of the pricing) but I am so afraid of it being too anyone having their wedding in march? Has anyone been to a march wedding? What are your thoughts, suggestions, and advice?

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March is a great time (and the pricing is awesome). I would just say to be flexible about the outside parts of your wedding. It could be great (I did a new year's day wedding outside; it was 60 in West Orange) or it could be frozen (it DID snow here on Halloween, lol). You want to make sure that your venue has a great plan either inside or outside.

It's a terrific time to have a wedding because it's the very beginning of spring, and what a great time to talk about weddings, new beginnings, renewal! You have a great assortment of flowers to pick from (tulips, hyacinths....) and in March there are going to be NO date conflicts for your guests (this is either good or bad news).

But you want to make sure you have a little fuzzy, feathery or furry wrap for your gown, if you're outside!

It'll be great!

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Hey! I am in North Jersey and our wedding is on the 10th. I believe it is a good month, cheaper and not too cold, last year when we went to book our venue in March it was actually 58 degrees. Hopefully this year it will be mild also!
At this point I am just praying there is no downpour or snow storm :)

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Hi there.
I hope it's a beautiful day for you guys. Where are you having your wedding??

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I'm getting married in March of next year in NJ. I was a little skeptical when we were booking because of the weather but you can't beat the prices. March was gorgeous this year. Knock on wood we get that lucky next year. Good luck with your planning! =)
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