Malibu Blue! NEED HELP!!
I have been going crazy trying to find a blue that goes with malibu blue. Im having a Beach wedding so i just wanted to have the guys wear a blue button up but i CAN NOT find one in malibu blue. So i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what blue would go good with the color malibu blue without clashing!

Married: 08/11/2012
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I probably would find a coordinating color instead of trying to find a comparable blue. What are you overal colors?

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Malibu was one of my colors and I agree that finding a coordinating color was MUCH easier and brakes up the color pallet too

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This is my birdesmaid dresses, What do you think?

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I think its great for an August wedding

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Tiffany blue????
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You are having a beach wedding so perhaps instead of looking for a coordinating blue what about maybe something like Khaki or a lighter orange or peachy color? Might be easier to do and would definitely look wonderful :)
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Does anyone know where I can find Malibu blue table wear? I'm looking for plates and cups in Malibu blue. I have a bride that's doing mercury with her Malibu blue. It's a dark silver.
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