Ok, so I have two Maids of Honor. One is awesome, the other is acting like this is her wedding and getting mad at every little thing. Most recently she got upset because I didn't include her mother and son on the wedding invitation. I love my friend dearly, but she is a lot to handle alone without her stressing my entire day about what her mom and son are doing. She told me it was insulting for me to assume she would be dateless. She doesn't have a bf, and who brings there mom as a date? I guess my questions are 1) Does anyone else have a maidzilla experience and what did you do about it? and 2) What is the etiquette on inviting friends parents?

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If you are close with her parents, sure. Otherwise.. No, not expected.

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Wow, I'm sorry you have to deal with her acting like that. I agree with Pezzy, unless you are close with her mom and son you don't need to invite them.

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I spent a good deal of time at her house when I was little, but I am not super close with her mom. Her son is 5, so is mine, but I feel like she is constantly on his case and I really don't need/want that on my wedding day. I just can't think of a polite way to say. "I don't want your mom and kid at my wedding". No other friends parents are invited. This whole thing just causes me great anxiety on top of the normal anxiety that comes with planning a wedding.
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I think you should invite them because she is one of your MOH.
she's probably been there for you with your wedding and will be there for your plans even though she's stressing you out , she's still there for you for your big day.
I think she deserves to enjoy your wedding with her mother and her son because of the work and help she's given.
and it IS insulting assuming she won't have a date for that day, she's probably seeing a guy that's not official or anything. and personally I'd actually take my mother as a date, I don't see what's wrong with that or why it has to be a guy or specifically a boyfriend.

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I would think you only invite a friends parent if you are close with them. Otherwise ot doesnt matter

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She's definitely not seeing anyone. She is not the type to hide that, especially from me. If she had a bf, I absolutely would have included him in the invite. Her mother isn't going to know anyone at the wedding. It honestly never occurred to me to invite her. I guess that is my bad though because I assumed she wouldn't want to bring her son, and the only person she has to babysit him is her mom.

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I'm gonna agree with the other ladies and say don't invite her. I hope your MOH stops stressing you out and realizes it's your day, not hers.

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I would have given get a plus one as the MOH but wouldn't have invited her mom probably.
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She is one of your MOH's whether she is seeing someone or not you should have a guest spot for her. And if she chooses to fill it with her mother that is her choice. At least you have known her mom since you were little if she brought a date it might be someone you never met before. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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I am giving all members of my bridal party a plus one even if they are not currently in a relationship because they are spending their time and money on my day, I thought it was important to give them a guest. Also, I am having a sweetheart table so I want them to have someone to sit with as well. As for friends parents', I grew up with my 2 MOHs and am inviting their parents since I spent so much time with their families growing up and still keep in touch now. If I wast close to the families, I wouldn't be inviting them.

If it was me, I would let her bring a guest...and if she brings her mom, that is up to her.

P.S. One of my MOHs has been a tiny bit maidzilla- I just stopped sharing details unless they directly involve her. If she asks I just tell her I haven't decide on that yet. Seems to be working for now. Good luck!
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Thank you all for your advice. I did tell her she could bring her mom, which also means she will be bringing her son, I have a lot of little kids in my family so that really isn't a big deal. I also apologized for not automatically giving her a plus one. I honestly thought maybe she would want time to herself. Oh, and I have tried just telling her things that only directly involve her, but she wants to know every detail, I mean like down to what's under my dress. It's a little insane

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You invite people who mean something to you. Other people, nope.
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