LOST 10 pounds in 3 days ;(
I have been struggling for a while with my weight ladies. Going to the gym and even having a trainer work with me. But with my schedule its hard to keep up with a regiment that works. Like I would lose inches and then gain them right back with avengence. I was about to do the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet and then last week I got real sick to the point where FH and my daughter had to force me to eat broth and drink. All I would do is just sleep. Now I go to the doctors and find out that I lost 10 pounds from when I originally took my weight that monday I was 10 pounds heavier, still a skeptic when I finally went back to work my co workers notice. On one hand I am happy I am down a few pounds now i need to just keep it going but on the other hand the way that it occurred was like wth. Now I have to train myself to eat again because of the sickness but hopefully i am able to work out this regiment

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When I was sick with a high fever of 102 degrees. I couldn't eat or drink for days, then I only had water. I lost 6 lbs cause of my sickness I was happy but wasn't to pleased on how I lost it lol. Once I was over my sickness & started to eat again (nothing bad) I found it came back, you just got to eat right & work our regularly to keep it off. I know it's hard to always stay on track most of the time but it's the only way. I need to whip myself in shape!!

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Definitely watch what you eat so it don't come back. Don't worry about your calorie intake so much, watch your fat intake. Try to eat healthier. Each a lot of salads and veggies, and drink lots of water. Work out as often as you can. Something as simple as when you are doing other things tighten you stomach muscles and hold it as long as you can will help. I also drink A LITTLE apple cider vinegar a few times a week to help flush out fat and impurities in your body. Don't eat or drink anything else for at least a half hour afterwards. Good luck, and glad you are feeling better.

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I'm working in. It it was never a problem of me eating too much it was always a problem of getting me to eat period. So I am as soon as I can I'm gonna do the Master Cleanse to drop the weight drastically and then maintaining it I have less then 2 months before I have to be where I need to be and at this point outside from surgery something drastic needs to be done
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