Look for Malibu Blue Heels

Our wedding is July 14, 2012 and our colors are Malibu blue, black and white.
All my bridesmaids will be wearing Malibu blue dresses and black heels. My dress is ivory and I would love to wear Malibu blue heels, but I'm having and incredibly hard time finding any. All the dyeable ones that I’ve seen I haven’t been impressed with at all. Can anyone help?

I found these doing a Google search of 'Malibu bye heels' but I can't seem to find anything about the brand.

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Hayley C™
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Hi Katrina ~ those might be hard to find... I think I remember them from last season.

What size?
What height?
$ to stay under?


www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Satin-High-Heel-Lattice-Weave-Strappy-Sandal-MIA?cm_mmc=GMCMER-_- Accessories-_-Satin High Heel Lattice Weave Strappy Sandal Style MIA, Malibu, 5.5-_-6249933&channel=GMCMER&mr:trackingCode=FA2F1747-AF50-E011-AD03-001B2163195C&mr:referralID=NA

www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Satin-Peep-Toe-Platform-High-Heel-with-Bow-Maribelle?cm_mmc=GMCMER-_-Buy Online-_-Satin Peep Toe Platform High Heel with Bow Style Maribelle, Malibu, 8-_-10090506&channel=GMCMER&mr:trackingCode=A124274D-1294-E011-B18D-001B21A69EB0&mr:referralID=NA

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I'm a 7 1/2, I want between 3-4 inches (my fiance is over a foot taller than me), and I'd like to stay under $100 but if I find something that I really love I may be able to compromise.

Thanks for the links!! I first ones are in the running!!

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Katrina Malibu blue is my color 2. These look like steve maddens.

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Hi Katrina,

I too am having Malibu blue as our June wedding color along with black and silver and I fell in love with exact shoes while on a google search. But I cannot find them anywhere! I was curious if you ever did find any info on them or if you ending up going with a different heel. Thanks for your help!

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