Long tables, round tables? How many sit at which one?
Okay so originally I wanted to do long tables because they seem more cozy and family-like than the rounds. When we went on our site visit this past Sunday, the coordinator was asking how many people I wanted to sit at each table and (mainly due to the room size) I didn't know what to tell her.

We have 80 guest (including us and bridal party), how many people sit at longer tables and on average, how many sit at the (5 ft) rounds??

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I don't know on the longer ones. For 5 ft round, I believe it's 7-9.

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I believe a 5 ft round seats: 8-10 and a standard 6 ft rectangle: 6-8.
*Have you played with the seating option under "My Wedding?"
People say rounds are actually more cozy and makes conversation easier, but I opted for the long tables as well. I would just recommend place cards so there isn't an empty chair between guests.

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36-inch table seats four people
42-inch table seats five people
48-inch table seats five people
54-inch table seats six people
60-inch table seats eight people
72-inch table seats 10 people


24-inch x 60-inch table seats two people
24-inch x 72-inch table seats three to four people
24-inch x 96-inch table seats four to five people
30-inch x 72-inch table seats six people
30-inch x 96-inch table seats eight people

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i got 6 ft rectangle tables and sat 8-9 at each, mostly 8... i loved them and they fit my family style Italian wedding better than the round... and I had a small space so i think they helped make it look larger instead of smaller like the round would...

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I like the round tables, I personally think they look more elegant(PERSONALLY,LOL).Ours are 60in. tables and we r going for 8 at a table. Also you might want think about if there is going to be alot of children or not, usually if there is a considerable amount of kids you can fit more to a table! Good Luck and congrats to all the happy couples
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Hi, congratulations! Just to clarify, when it comes to popular round table sizes, you can actually get 10 to 60" and 12 to 72". If you are limited on space, you should go with rounds. Contrary to popular belief, you can get more people in a room with round tables that you can with banquet tables. A standard 60" can fit 10 but a standard 8' rectangle only seats 8, and then if you want to make it comfy for guests at both sides of the rectangle, you should really use a 36" wide table, losing even more space.

Banquet tables can make an impact but if you tight on space, they're not the best option. I have done plans in the past that incorporate both with a little creativity.

Best wishes,

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OK now I'm really confused about my own seating, we're using 60in round tables and were told to only seat 8 at them but now people are saying you can seat 10 at a 60in. If this is the case I could get rid of 3-4 tables at my reception and have more room for the dance floor. Can someone please clarify?

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We are doing round tables for adults and several rectangle tables in the rear for children.
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Thanks everyone for clarifying. I think I'm going to have to actually go back and have them set out the tables and sit down to see how comfortable people will be while eating. I don't want people bumping elbows and stuff!

@NYCWeddingPlanner, I was thinking of doing some sort of mix, I'm going to contact the place and get the measurements of the room so I can do a scale floor plan (who knew that math class would come in handy one day!)

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we are possibly doing rectangle and they are 6 ft tables... it will be more intimate but it is ALL fam so we could care less!
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