A List of All the Little Things We Forget When Planning
In the scheme of planning a wedding, I'm desperately trying to remember to purchase all the little things for my wedding. This is what I've gotten so far:

-cake serving set
-cake topper
-sand ceremony set
-toasting flutes

...there has to be more things that I'm forgetting, so let's make an unofficial Official WW list of all the little things we might be forgetting. :) Feel free to just add on to my list I've started!

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-hair accessories
-marriage license
-card box

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-gift for officiant and other vendors
-make up (I never wear any and my MOH will be doing my makeup the day of)
-Unity Candle
-pen for guest book

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Pen for marriage licence!!

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nice pen(s) for the guestbook
flower girl basket and the petals
thank you cards of some sort to go with your bridesmaids gifts...as well as appropiate gift wrap/bags for them
if you are getting your nail polish professionally done...either buy the same color yourself, or another color you like in case they chip (my nail polish started to chip even though it was done 2 days before the wedding...it was a light pink, but still would have driven me nuts...i had my sister running out to get a DIY french manicure set the day of the wedding..which is what i wanted originally anyways). oh yeah and nail polish remover in case you need to remove the nail polish

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small sewing kit for any of those last minute disasters.

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Bride emergency kit
Broom for jumping the broom

2nd Bride(I think that's who did it) had a great list! I think I put it on my watch list. If I did I'll come back and post the link to her thread.

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gifts for officiant and other vendors? really? I thought we are just suposed to tip them? gah!

~ extra pens for guestbook (because you never know!)
~ little toys or crafts to keep younger children occupied
~ emergency kits (tissues, bobby pins, tide pen, mini sewing kit...)

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Ring Bearers pillow, underwear, mints/gum, snacks for when ur getting ready, your jewelry, Items for your centerpieces

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I think you can tip them also, but my officiant is my pastor. He isn't charging us anything but I want to thank him, maybe with a gift card for he and his wife. Also, a number of my vendors are friends who are helping out (such as my musicians and ceremony coordinator).

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may I also suggest bringing a list of your vendors and their phone numbers. My limo guy never showed and I did not have their phone number with me, which caused a bit of a trauma. It all worked out at the end :-)

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Aisle runner.
Lighter for candles.
extra bobby pins
safety pins
some sort of tissues
Papertowel to dry the bottom of your bouquet before it gets your dress all dirty.

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OMG I am taking notes! there are so many little things I had not even thought about!
I will add- foot petals* Is that the name? For myself and the ladies in my bridal party, mom and FMIL. In case the shoes hurt.
Also flip-flops! which I will buy lots and have for people to take, but special ones for me, my bridesmaid and MOH.

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Geniuses, all of you! Let me add:
*Ginger ale for nervous stomachs (mine, mostly!)
*Eye makeup remover wipes for the ladies who forgot to use tear/sweat proof makeup!
*Bottled water/snacks for wedding party. I was just in someone else's wedding and by the time of the ceremony, I'd already had to go to Walgreen's in my dress to buy the biggest Rice Krispies Treat I could find! lol
*Maps for out of town guests

Shannon S.
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Lip balm. If your shoes have straps that start rubbing, you can add a little lip balm against your skin to make the strap slide instead of catch, and prevent a blister.
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Oh @ Shannon, that is good to know.!!

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You girls are amazing! I knew there were so many more little things that I was forgetting! :) Let's keep the list going...

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What do you get your vendors? ...is it rude to just tip them? I honestly didn't even know about purchasing gifts for them!

Hayley C™
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The bag your dress has been hanging in for a Year now..... after you get dressed, be sure someone grabs the bag and puts in in your overnight bag that is going to the hotel so you have something to carry your dress in tomorrow morning.


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One thing I saw but never thought about was a nice hanger for your gown. Your photographer will most likely be taking a pic or two of it hanging up somewhere before you put it on. Be sure to have it on a nice hanger instead of just an old wired or plastic one. It will help make the photo look that much better.

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Good Idea Hayley, i so would have forgotten that.

Dont forget clothes for the next day and comfy shoes.
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