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Has anyone ordered from here? Im wondering about the quality of the linens since they are so affordabbe...

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Apr 18, 2010 at 6:32 PM • Flag As Inappropriate - excellent eBay feedback!

Don't forget they have 20 and 30% off coupon now. I am planning to order from them next week. I need my wedding planner (destination wedding) to do calculation of all the tables.

Made from 100% woven polyester (Dacron) and they also have Satin.

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I just ordered 120 white chair covers with white sash and 20 120" white tablecloths $380!!! Really great deal considering resell and even cost of renting! ... should be here Friday I will let you know!

Mrs. Jacques
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I heard really good reviews about after I ordered my chair covers from excellent deal, cheaper than renting and great quality. I also ordered my table cloths from they offer exact match to Davids Bridal Apple red and the quality is very good, I ordered the satin apple red table cloths, apple red rose petals, apple red satin chair sash and the apple red ribbon.

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I ordered 30 dark brown table clothes from them and I am pleased with the quality. I went with 78" to save some money. I ended up paying $115 for 30 of them and that was after shipping (which is free over $50) and with a 20% off coupon code... (follow them on twitter to get it!) They also shipped very fast!

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How do you get the 20-30% off

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30% off any purchase with coupon code "newstore3" - expires 4/30/10.

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Hey, I just got the tablecloths, they shipped really fast and they look great- heavy material not cheap like. I am completely satisfied! Just perhaps would have to steam a few of the wrinkles out before the wedding after being packed in a box! Hope this helps. I really think I got a steal!

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Anybody have another coupon code? The ones posted previously don't work anymore... :(

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hi! i am thinking about getting chair covers from here. for anyone that has ordered them, did you have to steam/iron them once you got them? thanks!!

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Hello Does anyone know where to get the coupon code ? please help! thanks

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Hi! I'm hoping someone would have some feedback about I would like to order some products from them but they don't have a phone number or an address on their website only a live chat. Can anyone tell me anything about them or any feedback you might have regarding your thoughts about a company that doesn't have a phone number or address. I also tried to look up information on this company but nothing comes up at all? Can anyone help me with this? Thank you

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Does anyone have a coupon code?

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I have NEVER in all of my years ordered anything & it was here the very NEXT day !!!!!!!!!!! This company is every single bit of amazing, awesome & outstanding !!! Please continue what you all are doing to "WoW" your customers! I am just so amazed right now! I thank God for you. Even though I did not need my order in a rush, you made it an priority to get everything out in a very fast pace. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I said that I will for sure order from you all again & I have placed another order tonight. The polyester tablecloths & napkins are beautiful. They look way better than I thought they would. They have a shine to them & they just look amazing. Thanks so much again for making your customers happy, being reasonably priced and just being an amazing company!!
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