Limo driver Tip?
How much should we be tipping our limo driver? The guy mentioned that we tip him when we booked, but neither of us have any idea how much! We are paying 1000$ for 5 hours of limo use if that has any relevance.

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$100? I don't really know but I think that's what I would do. Maybe that's not enough for 5 hours though.

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I am cheap. I am not tipping anyone. All my contracts already added gratuity, so I am not double tipping them.

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wow! That's a lot! Are you sure a tip isn't included in that?

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nope, he said "and you will tip the driver" and its the average for a limo here. there are only 3 limo companies in my city and they all charge 200$ per hour on the weekend :(

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woww that is insane! I tricked our limo company and told them after that it was for a wedding. We are paying $379 for 4 hours including tip.

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That is so much money. Where I live it is, at most, 400.00 for 4 hours. If I were paying 1,000, I wouldn't want to tip anyone!

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HOLY COW.. $1,000!! that is INSANE!!! Did you already booked & signed the paperwork? If not, Call & find out how much would it be to rent a limo for just 5hrs to drive around town, DON'T mention anything about the wedding!
If you do go with the $1,000 for 5 hrs, then screw it, but I say do not tip after... $1,000 is A LOT, way TOOOO much of $$$ for 5 hrs ... that is $200 an hour without a tip!! I'm sorry I just can not get that price thru my head.. in NJ its $60 an hour for a regular out on a town ... It cost me $700 for pick up of 8 people, make another stop, go to a Football game, wait for 5 hrs, then pick everyone up, take them back to 1st stop & then 2nd stop & it was $700 with tolls & 20% tip included, also weekend pick up was extra $$ & late drop off... & again, all of that was just $700 in NJ

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Ours is looking to be about that much too. We havent booked with anyone yet but the prices I am getting...are like $800-&1000 but that is for 6 hours.

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OMG wow I am getting a 22 passenger limo bus for 325.00. and we are tipping him 50.00 If i gave your price to FH he would tell me to walk lol. Wow. I would call around even more but like the others said. Dont mention its for a wedding till after you get the price.

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20% is standard service gratuity. If you are unsure, call the company and ask what is "standard" and what is "average".

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I think everyone is shocked at the price because we're forgetting that companies charge what is appropriate for that area. The rental car we're getting will cost us $700 for 4 hours. It's very easy to look at a price and claim that it is entirely too high, but you don't know where the person lives OR what type of bells and whistles the vehicle will have. Someone living in the county hills of southern WV will pay a hell of a lot less than someone living in NYC.

With that being said, to answer your question 15% is the standard precentage. 20% if he did an exceptional job. I would avoid calling to ask what the average tipping cost is because they will price you higher. If you are requiring him to do additional stops, play certain songs, have the car stocked with certain beverages etc. I'd tip an extra $100.

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We had a limo for the wedding party and a shuttle for the guests. We asked that gratuity be added to the bill for the shuttle as I wasn't going to see the driver and the company added 12% tip to the bill. For the limo driver that took the bridal party around and took good care of us I tipped 20% on the day of the wedding.

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ok kimi that makes sense, thanks very much. And I did my research as far as price goes, I have rented before for proms and bar nights and it is always $200 per hour. like I said before only 3 limo companies in town to choose from and they all charge exactly the same. The nice thing about this one is they are splitting up the hours for me, so 3 hours during the day, the other 2 hours after the reception to get some people home :) Also 5 hours is the minimum that you can book during wedding season.

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most companies include the gratuity, and I hate having to pay that up front. I like to tip based on service, I don't think tips should automatically be a certain amount, you are supposed to earn them! Better service = better tip. My mom and my MIL wanted to help tip people for us, so many people that took care of us got double tips so they walked away with 40% tips instead of 20% and people got tips that honestly did not deserve shit, but when the drinks are flowing are people are so happy, you let stuff go!

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I am actually searching right now for a limo company. We're in So.Cal, and every quote I've received back, have all added 20% gratuity on top of the bill, I definitley won't be double tipping. Same goes with our other vendors, if they added gratuity, they already received their tip.

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Limousines are large luxurious sedans which usually have a glass partition which separates the driver's seat from the passenger compartment. Limo companies generally strive to provide the best possible service and they need to know if one of the drivers is not living up to their standards.

Some people choose not to tip a driver at all; however, this is considered rude because drivers usually only earn minimum wage or a little more from their companies.

The standard tip for a limousine driver who simply drives you from one location to another is 15% of the fare. This means if your rental price is $100, you should tip your limo driver $15. That's all.

One mistake that people make when they hire a limo company is to choose the first affordable option that becomes available. If you really want to make sure that you have a great company, you should take some time to compare competitors and the services they provide. Ultimately, the cost of the limo will be based at least partially on the services provided. Use the provided link: to know more about limo ny.
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