Korean traditions?
Ok, so I'm Korean. Husband is a white boy lol. I was adopted and raised by an American family. But, I want to pay tribute to where I came from. I have done the web research and can't find anything I REALLY like. So...any ideas?

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I'm not Korean but I love those colorful traditional outfits. Maybe you could dress up, take pictures, and include them in your engagement pics mat and frame it for ppl to sign.
What about favors? Aren't you supposed to give out something sweet and edible?
I'm sorry I have not been to a Korean American wedding.
I always thought the first dance and parents dance was very important also.

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I wouldn't mind the traditional outfit, but my hubby would look FUNNY. Tradition, as I see, for favors is to give ducks...hubby said how about rubber ducks. I nixed that. We will have a lot of sweets there (we both love them). I plan on going to a Korean grocery store to look at sweets. I don't really want to carry flowers, but have tossed around the idea of carrying my Hello Kitty stuffed animal from bulid-a-bear since she IS wearing the traditional Korean outfit...

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Thanks Krystal!

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IMHO, as a fellow asian (or pacific islander) who is nearing 30, I'd nix the HK carrying idea. I mean, really? You're 36, not 12. -_- *You* may get what it means to you but you'll have guests going "wtf?" when they see you walking down the aisle carrying it. So, it depends on you what kind of impression you want to leave your guests...

FH's idea of giving rubber ducks is kind of cute. Also, aside from the ducks, there is a tradition of using hand laterns - used to light the path from the groom's home to the bride's home the night before the wedding where the groom's family would bring gifts to the bride's family.

Another thing, you could have maybe the flower girl dresses inspired by korean design or colors... Also, you could perhaps let the flower girls carry a korean dressed HK instead of a basket of flowers... Now *that* would look cute.

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Hmmm, good ideas. We are renewing our vows, so already married and living together. Our flower girl is his niece and will be like 23 then. Our wedding is not the typical wedding, and I actually don't think our peeps would say wtf lol (but some would, you're right). I was thinking about the hand lanterns and having the girls and I carry those instead, but that would make less sense to the guests than HK...trust me lol

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Perhaps you could line the aisle with lanterns. That would echo the custom nicely.

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Analy, I thought the same!!

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Well you could always put HK in the back window of your car or at your sweetheart table. There is a Dear Daniel groom too.
You could also make handmade paper lanterns with the menu and special thanks printed on it for each table.

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I like HK on the sweetheart table. Dear Daniel?

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Why dont you wear the traditional korean wear and have your husband wear his traditional wear, ie: tux? I thought about that myself considering my mother made a beautiful outfit for my daughter's 100 day celebration. But in the end I decided to go for the all american wedding. It was just easier. But I do like the idea of the paper lanterns, and you could always have your catering reflect the best part of korean tradition, the food! If I wasnt having my wedding in podunk north carolina I'd totally have some kimchee and bugolgi at my wedding. :P

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Rebecca, I thought about it, but I'm more "American" than "Korean". I have worn the Hanbok once for a fashion show and I felt beautiful, but I have NO idea where to get one and I already love the dress I decided on. If I could find one, and the price is right, I wouldn't mind a change of dress for the reception, but so far I can't find anything.

Our wedding is so out of the norm. Our catering will be serving the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I have found a Korean grocery store that I might go to tomorrow to try some candies/cookies. If I find something I love, I'll put that on thr tables.

JJ-I had no idea about HK and Dear Daniel! That's so sweet! (Except HK is Japanese not Korean... :)

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Thanks! They are much cheaper than I thought! I'm very weary about Ebay, especially for this type of thing. It's not like I could get it altered hehe, but I will do more research and maybe the store I go to will know of something!

You all are the best!

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Here's a simple way to incorporate something from Korean wedding culture.

In Korea (and in other Asian cultures) Mandarin Ducks are regarded as symbols of ever lasting love. In Korea, Wedding Ducks (???? in Korean) are used in various ways in the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, it's given as a gift to the bride and groom, but these days, some people use them as favors, cake toppers, or just placed in the bride and groom table.

Once wed and these ducks are on display, these two ducks are normally set facing each other, but for fun, sometimes couples turn the ducks away from each other when the couple is fighting.

There's a wide selection of them at: http://www.koreanducks.com

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