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Ok, so I know that there have been posts about this already, but this is just in case anyone is still a little hesitant about using this website. I ordered my fh his wedding band from http://www.jvljewelry.com/home.php?cat=165 . At first, I was nervous about it, but there were two other brides on here that had already ordered and received it, and then two more that had ordere from there. Well, it just came in today, and it's gorgeous! I ordered the womens band or him, because he is a size 7 and they dont make smaller than an 8 for mens sizes, and let me say I'm so happy I did. The ring is pretty thick for a womens ring, and he has small hands so a thinner ring will look better on him. I am VERY happy with how fast I got the ring, and the quality of it. I got the commitment band (for her). If your still on the fence about this company, I give it two thumbs up!

Married: 08/13/2010
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Married: 06/11/2011
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Thats so good to hear..we have been thinking about it. Do you have to have any kind of promotional code for it or just pick the one you want and pay the s&h?


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Happy you had a good experience. Ordering online can be tricky and it seems, somewhat controversial. I just wrote a blog post about ordering wedding flowers via internet sites and brides are writing interesting comments about it. I'm curious to see if brides here would order flowers online or not...?

Married: 08/13/2010
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Married: 08/13/2010
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no theres no code or anything. just pay the shipping and handling. and gettingmarriedonlongisland.com... i dont think id order flowers online. a ring cant die before it gets to you or get too damaged by the packaging... lol but flowers can and then its too late!

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im with you i would not order flowers online but i think im gonna go for one of these rings fh does not like it i guess cause that are so cheap but ya'll have said nothing but good stuff about them so he will either get over it or i will just not answer when he ask where i got it from lol

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YAY... JVL is da bomb ;)

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lol @ Aimeedarling

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I LOVE my FH's ring!! I ordered it and it got here like 4 days later!! It says 5-7wks or something so I was shocked when I got it just a few days later!!

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Thanks friend for sharing your experience of e-shopping of jewelery with JVL. Actually my friend Sophie who recently got married with a handsome boy Johns had bought colored bridesmaid jewelry sets for all her bridesmaids, including me from Oakgem. My bridesmaid jewelry set had lavender crystals which just looked just perfect with my knee length layered lavender satin dress.

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We just ordered FH's ring!!!Can't wait to get it!!

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I totally forgot to post that I got the rings I ordered last week from JVL....they are pretty cool (Moments for him & her). Though they are heavy and thick and will take some getting used to. Can't beat it for the price. I ordered a half size bigger as suggested and its a good thing, cause of their thickness. I really like them!!

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Still waiting for mine but as the guy on the phone said, it may take a few weeks to make mine in the smaller size.

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Jewelry has always been one of the most important parts of a wedding. It is highly ceremonial, very sentimental, and of course, the perfect way to make everyone in the wedding look fabulous. When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding jewelry, however, most brides could use a little help.

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i just read on the site that they have a lifetime warranty, but if you look at the terms and conditions, it says that they have no warranties implied or specified. Any one run into this as a problem? How much is shipping usually?
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We received our rings within 2 weeks! We were so pleased! $25 is nothing for an entire ring! What a great bridal show promotion. Thanks JVL!

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I just signed up for the Phoenix Bridal Show this sunday and they sent me a voucher for 2 rings from JVL for up to $600! I am glad to hear that they have good reviews.
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I ordered my rings 3 weeks ago, I have not received them yet. And my login for the the JVL website isn't working. I've left two phone messages with the company and haven't heard back. Did anyone have customer service issues. I feel good that the rings will come since everyone has written such great reviews.

Married: 11/13/2011
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I am having the same problem....I ordered 4 weeks ago...only I have been calling with NO ANSWER!!!! I have sent 3 messages through their website with no response.....I hope all will be ok....

Married: 12/08/2010
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