JVL is offering free rings again! Get them before the code expires!
Hi Ladies,
A while back someone posted the BRIDES promo code and unfortunately I was too late to use it (expired in February). They did have a 2 for 1 deal, which is still pretty pricey, but after checking retailmenot.com, they posted another "2 Free Rings" deal ... just pay for shipping ($25 per ring).

I told some co-workers about this, they ordered, I saw the rings, and they look great! The *titanium* is really light so one of my co-workers was skeptical about it; however, other folks I know who have titanium say it really does feel super light.

Anyway, I purchased mine and hoping to get it soon.

www.JVLjewelry.com. The code is: 297380.

Happy purchasing!

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is did you read the fine print.

Select any ring (up to 2 rings) you would like to try.
Enter coupon code "try it" at check out.
All you pay is shipping.

We are confident that you will love your ring that we want you to try it and love it.

You have 30 days from the day you receive your rings to "Love It"
After 30 days we will bill you for the full purchase price.

If for any reason you choose to return or exchange call us and we'll take care of it. (800) 414-4504

The program applies to JVL Jewelry Tungsten and Titanium rings only.
The shipping and engraving cost is non refundable.
The "Get It, Love It, Buy It" program is for a limited time only.

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Hi there - this isn't the "try it" program. If you put 2 rings in your shopping cart and put in code 297380, the cost of the rings is deducted from the final price and all you pay is $50 shipping.

This code is not published publicly on their site, so you won't find any information regarding the code.

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Jill is correct. The "try it" code is the ONLY code floating around where you end up paying full price. We got a set when the "brides" code was going on and we were never charged full price.

Titanium is VERY light but that does not mean it's flimsy. They make bones and prosthetics out of it. DH has a titanium ring from a jeweler. The JVL tungsten ones we have are of great quality so I'm certain the titanium ones will be the same.

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Hi Mrs. Clark! You comment makes me feel even more confident about my purchase! I bought 1 Titanium and 1 Tungsten to see which one the FH feels more comfortable wearing. Congrats on your semi-recent nuptials! =)

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Thanks! He actually wears both. The titanium is his wedding band and the tungsten is each on our right hand. The one he got from the jeweler is a comfort fit and i think they run smaller but we had his ring fingers sized and they both fit fine.

I will say that the all black ones scratch and you can see the silver under but it doesn't scratch too easily.

And I will add our rings arrived a lot faster than expected.
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So this code:297380 is for FREE rings, right?

I'm just worried I'm missing the fine print saying it will charge me full price in 30 days.
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The try it code charges you, this new one shouldn't.

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Is there an exp on this code?? I would like to talk to FH about it before I make any decisions!

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I have no idea. The "brides" code was around for a LONG time then there was another that expired within a month. This one might be just for a month too.

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no gold ones huh? lol my e- ring is older and gold...ive never had a wedding band, but we're gonna finally exchange them in Oct at our renewal. poo, might have to get the tungsten ones anyway

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I was just looking at this because I'm considering getting them and it seems to work if you only want one as well. However if I'm getting them, I'll probably get a matching set anyway :) Thanks for the code!

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Thanks for sharing! My wedding ring came out a little bigger than I anticipated, so I've been considering getting a 2nd wedding band for my more "plain" moments. This is perfect.

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You're all very welcome! I'll update the post when I get the rings in the mail! =)

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I like the idea but these deals always make me nervous

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We just ordered our matching set. Cant wait to get them.

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Just got an email, our rings got shipped out today at noon. Hopefully we will get them in a couple days

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OMG Thank you soooo much!!! I was so disappointed the BRIDES code expired! Ordering now!!! :)

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I ordered mine. I'm so excited! FH is gonna be so suprised!!!

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I just ordered us a matching set AND got them engraved! $130 for both, but hell...you can't beat that!

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