I just made my nephew cry...
because I told him he will not be the ring bearer at the wedding. He's my oldest brothers youngest child and was always very very close to me, and he couldn't stand my FH because he felt he was trying to take me away from him. Now he's on the phone crying because we just told him for the 9 millionth time that my FH will be his uncle and this time he finally realized we are telling him the truth. I feel so bad, but at the same time, I can't stop laughing because I've been engaged for the past 6 months and he's just getting it through his head now. More so it's funny because he's crying over not being the ring bearer when at the time of the wedding he'll be 13 years old! So I told him we would make him an Usher and well... needless to say he's not too pleased with it. Any other ideas of what a 13 year old can do other than an usher????

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He can be a Grooms MAN and that is actually a step up from a RING BEARER.... tell him its a bigger JOB!!!!

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i agree on the groomsman great idea

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He can also greet guests as they enter and hand out programs at the ceremony....In addition, after the ceremony, he can be in charge of the extra camera to film the phototaking and can accompany the bridal party to the picture taking locations. There, he can also take additional pictures with just you and him or you, him, your hubby, and your whole family......At the reception, he can be the supplemental unofficial family representative photographer/videographer and go around taking pictures of ppl, being in the pictures, and also interviewing ppl about their thoughts about your wedding, your relationship, special stories and well wishes...he can be in front of the camera then and sort of be a host/interviewer.


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I agree, let him be a Junior Groomsmen. He can still do the usher thing, but his title might make him feel better.

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Depending on what type of ceremony you are having he could do a reading. My youngest brother will be just shy of 10yrs old at my wedding and I wanted to find something very important for him to do. I threw around the idea of ring bearer but just didn't seem right to me and honestly am really into symmetry so didn't want to have him be a jr. groomsmen w/o a jr. bridesmaid (just an obsession I have) then my mom came up w/a brilliant idea to have him read! We're having a Catholic wedding (w/o an entire mass, but still reading to be done) so he'll get to walk in w/the priest and my FH and is super excited! Good luck finding that special something for him to do.

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yes I agree you can make him a Jr grooms man. That's what I had to do for my nephew/god son. I wanted him to be in our wedding but because he's too old to be a ring bear, I decided to make him a jr grooms man. It's more grown up ;)

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Jae, the GM idea is a great idea. As a GM, maybe he can do something "special" for you at some point during the ceremony or reception....hand you a special flower, a 30 second special dance, or any other creative idea that would recognize the closeness of your relationship, and then hand you to your new husband. It could give him a means of closure on this. If I remember correctly, at that age I had a silly crush on my uncle & would be jealous of all girlfriends. LOL Good luck.

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So am breaking the laws os wedding huh? my Daughter is 12yrs old and she my flower girl and my ringbear is a ten year old girl.

So am I breaking the law?

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Awww..poor kid! Maybe your nephew and your FH should have a man's day out.. maybe FH could take him somewhere he'll think is cool (or gifts, buy affection sometimes works, but kids are usually too sharp for that, lol) if they bond a bit, without you there.. and then after a really day together finding out that they may have some stuff in common.. maybe FH could ask your nephew to get involved buy asking him to be a groomsmen or do something else really cool like aisle runner or like someone else said, ushering family to seats. If he really likes music, maybe you could let him choose some really neat songs to play at the wedding.. (or give him choice of multple songs that YOU choose) ..maybe if he knows how to dance he could perform something at the wedding.. or sing a song. A really neat thing would be, during toasts-time when your MOH and Best man are giving speeches, maybe he can do one too? Best of luck!

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he is 13 why does he want to be a ring bear that job is for 5 years not 13 years. making him an usher is is a great idea

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We had a 12 year old and a 16 year old who were groomsmen. And a 13 year old and 10 year old who were bridesmaids. All are our nieces/nephews.

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Wow!! He must have been really close to you. I think he can be a groomsmen. You should explain to him that he is too old to be the ring bearer. I think the groomem idea is great. I have a 13 yr old sis and she is going to be a bridesmaid.

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At 13 you may be able to let him do a reading during the ceremony as well as be an usher. That way he has a part in the actual ceremony itself.

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My God son who will be 9 for my wedding will actually be a groomsman. He was okay with it after he grilled me about why I am getting married. Then he told me I needed a husband to buy me food and pay the rent. When I told him FH and I would do that...he said "but he could do it by himself right?" I told him yes and everything was all good. Mind you none of my three God-daughters grilled me this way!

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MY 9 year old newphew was the same way, only he didn't cry, I think he was going to, then his parents explained that he was already a ring bear for my other brother, and this time was his brothers turn. So He and my other niece who was flower girl at the same wedding, they will watch the guest book, and my nephew will also escort the grandparents down the aisle. What's even funnier than that is that the same niece wanted to wear a white dress to the wedding and my mom told her that only the bride wears white and her exact words were : "That's not fair! How come Auntie is the only one that can wear white?" and my mom just siad "Because that's the way it is, and you'll understand when you're older!" Then we went to a bridal show..where the flower girls came out in what color? White ofcourse! So my mom quickly explained that my Flower girls weren't wearing white..lol I'm wondering what else she will coem up with to wear..lol, Oh wait, she siad she wanted to wear a tiara also..lol

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lol@ buying food and paying rent. very smart for a 9 year old!

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Libragurl I think my nephew and your God son are probably friends!!! That boy drilled me like no other! lol...

Thanks everyone for the ideas, I don't want to make him a groomsman or Jr. Groomsman because he'll be the very youngest of them all (he would be 13 while the next one would be 23) but I think I may go with the usher and reader so this way he has a vital part in the wedding and he can stop crying.

Mrs. Schmidt... good luck! It sounds like you are going to have more trouble with your niece than I am with my nephew! lol...

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so what did you do?!?

i would go with jr. groomsman and have him walk with a jr bm!!! that would be cute!!!!!!

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I think the groomsman idea is a great idea. I am having my 11 year old cousin as a junior bridemaid cause I felt she was too old to be the flower girl.
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