Jumping the Broom!
So, my FH's family all jump the broom at the ceremony so I figured I would incorporate it into our day...the big question is: WHERE DO I FIND A BROOM????

Any other brided jumping the broom? If so, where did you buy your broom and can you post pics of the finished product? Thanks!

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I havent decided if i was going to jump the broom at my wedding but there are plenty of websites that do them try this one.. They are handcrafted and specifically for your needs.

Hayley C™
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Hi Whitney ~ welcome to WW

tons of photos for inspiration

You can get a broom from Michael's or a craft store.
A standard wedding broom is approximately 32 inches in length.

You can be creative in your interpretation of a broom. Creativity can be a cost saver and makes your project more personable to your wedding. You may begin by simply buying a large wooden handle from your local dollar store and finding a spray dried floral bush to attach to the bottom. You may also create a handle using a bundle of sticks using floral wire to hold them together and to create a spray along the bottom to form the shape of a broom. Typically the handle of the broom is covered in ribbon matching your wedding colors. Most brides add silk flowers to their broom to enhance its beauty where the broom section meets the broom handle. How ever you want to decorate it so it can be displayed in your home for years to come.

Have Fun ~ congrats

Soon to be Mrs R
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I am probably get it at from Michaels, Joanns, or hobby lobby.

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If you're not looking for a DIY project. Another bride has found a few super cute brooms on etsy.com

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Good feedback ladies, I think I will go the DIY route. Thanks for the tips on where to buy plain brooms!

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amazon 15 bucks

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wedding broom


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Most of these "decorative" brooms are very small in my opinion. Several of our brides have just bought regular full-size straw brooms and wrapped the handles with ribbon and decorated with flowers ribbons, etc. that coordinates with the colors/theme. Personally I like the larger broom...it's almost comical to watch a couple try to jump those little brooms!
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I learned something new today. Never heard of jumping the broom. I'll do some research to see what this means. Your wedding is fast approaching and I can incorporate brooms into the props if you would like to have an open air photo booth at your reception. That would be cute.

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Jump into the land of matrimony in STYLE!

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Vintage Collection!

Please feel free to contact us via email or at our design studio for customized service.
347-447-0888 | journeyweddingbrooms@gmail.com

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I too would like to Jump the Broom at our wedding. They're pretty pricey on Etsy but I feel I can DIY myself. I'll post pictures once completed.
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