Jehovahs Witnesses?
Im a Jehovahs Witness and I wanna know if there are any others out there :) ? I know i may get a lot of criticism with this but oh well.

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We are! =)

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i am not -- and i certainly hope that no one here criticizes you for your beliefs and choices... i'll smack 'em! ;o)

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I agree with Ashlee! I'm not but there should be no reason for someone to go after you because of you religion and beliefs. I do have a question though if you wouldn't mind answering. When I was growing up we had the sweetest neighbors EVER who were Jehovahs Witness. My grandma soon became quick friends with them and converted. My grandma is a (to put it nice lol) and being a Jehovahs Witness she refused to go to any weddings in the family because they were Lutheran and told us she can't come because she isn't allowed. Is that true? Is she really not allowed to go to a wedding that is in the form of another religion? I kinda have a feeling she's making it up just to get out of it, I mean I go to weddings of all religions...sorry if that's confusing!

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I watched an episode of Four Weddings once and there was a bride on there that wasnt allowed to go to the wedding ceremony bc of her religion. I dont remember what religion it was but it is true that some religions cant go. But she could go to the reception afterwards!

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My fiance's family is ....

Cyndi - his family is not coming to our ceremony because they say it will "compromise their conscience" ... Not sure if it is a RULE but I think they leave it up to the individual person. Even FH's MOM isn't coming to our ceremony.
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I think that is so sad Marianne.

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I have a friend who has family who is Jahova, nicest, sweetest people I've ever met!

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Well I agree with Ashlee!! Im not but I certainly hope that you are not criticized for it! I have an aunt and another section of my family that are Jehovah Witnesses, and it is true that they aren't supposed to go into other ceremony isn't in a church, most certainly not because of that, but now that I think about it, I dodged that bullet lol....I am so sorry to hear that Marianne? Is FH okay with that? Did you ever consider having a religious ceremony NOT in an actual church so they can attend?

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My grandparents are. And yes, they are not allowed to be in ceremonies outside their religion. They would wait outside, or just attend receptions.

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...but don't Jehovah Witnesses believe that Heaven is on earth?
their still worshipping the same how would it be outside their religion?

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Its something I never cared to understand.....Ever since my grandfather was told he may have Cancer and they had to do surgery. But my grandfather wouldn't allow a blood transfusion if his life depended on it b/c its against his religion. They would rather die. Made me so mad. Luckily he didnt need one.

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My Uncle is one and yes he isn't allowed to go to any other wedding ceremony but can go to the reception (and always gives a nice gift) ...

Shannon S.
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My IL's went to a JW wedding years ago and said they had a wonderful time - they enjoyed the community spirit, and how everyone in the church brought a dish, made decorations, or helped set up the reception. Nobody tried to convert them.

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That reminds me Shannon S. years ago my Uncle got married and it was a very lovely wedding ... I kind of liked how everyone brought a dish or helped out in some way shape or form ...

Shannon S.
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I think that's actually really nice - like a 'barn-raising' wedding.

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My BFF when I was younger was a Jehova's Witness & her & her family were some of the nicest people I've ever met, even to this day! I was also so disappointed though that she wasn't allowed to come to my birthday parties or most any other celebration :/. I always thought it wasn't fair, although now I understand, but still when you're in elementary school, those kind of things don't make sense haha.

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I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness (never baptized), I still get a little upset when people unwittingly make fun of the religion, so I'll smack em' too if they mess with you! :)
Best Wishes

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I'm not JW but I don't bash people because they have a different religion or lifestyle then me. I had a friend who was JW growing up, her parents wouldn't let her play outside with me because I was baptized mormon :(

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morgan m.~ JW believe that heaven will be a place on earth. Heaven-or hell- (before armageddon) does not exist and that when we die, our body becomes one with the earth again and everyone will be resurrected when the time comes. Judgement day will then ensue and those that have sinned will face persecution. Those that have remained faithful will live in Heaven on's somewhat complicated. But for a religion that has so many rules, I've got to admit that i understand where they are coming from. AND, they always are some of the nicest christians you will ever meet. I look at some other forms of christianity and it makes me sad that SO many ignorant people claim their religious and show otherwise...

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Celia - I do too. I tried very hard to compromise with his mom. I asked her was it the church, the priest, what? She couldn't answer me and just kept telling me it would compromise her conscience. So I figured I wasn't going to plan my wedding around her religion. If she was willing to compromise with me I certainly would have accommodated her, but she wasn't going to give an inch and I'm not going to give a mile - FH is not a JW so he is fine with whatever I want to do. I think he's a little sad she won't come but he's not close with his family anyway.

For me, the religion makes things difficult because this one won't sit with that one ... very frustrating.
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