Ivory vs Off-White vs Cream vs White
So I'm sure this is something that many of you have run into... my dress is Ivory, which of course is not White but is also not that yellow-cream color that is so often labeled as Ivory. I guess my dress is more of an Off-White. But I think/hope you all know what I'm talking about here.

What have you done about the color of accessories like veils, hair stuff, shoes, even things like guest books and ring bearer pillows? I'm concerned the white things are not going to match, but clearly I can't go with the yellow-cream stuff either, because that isn't even close to being the same color.

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My dress is also ivory, so I can sympathize... Look for stuff that is "diamond white" or "antique white." Both of these "whites" are more of an ivory. In general, most people won't really notice unless you have something that is stark white right next to something that this ivory, but I understand wanted things to match well enough.


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Hi Tiffany,
With an off-white dress, you could use whatever your wedding's accent colors are for things like accessories, guest book, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, etc. This way, your focus is not on trying to match different colors of ivory.:)

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My accent color is Hunter Green. Does it seem likely for me to find wedding things in that color?

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Hi Tiffany,
I did a little research and came up with a few things available in hunter green, take a look!
You can use hunter green table linens.
http://www.weddingstar.com/us/232-26 DS8 Personalized Ribbon_refine:NEW;
Hope some of this helped!
Good Luck!

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Hi Tiffany,

My dress is what they call ecru which is not white and not ivory. Some call it winter white :-)

The colors that i went with is sage and burnt orange.... my shoes are Ivory which is a little darker then my dress but very complementary and you can find accessories in the color as well. You are right white clashes very badly with our dress color. So i would say go for the accessory in one of your accent colors. I managed to find a veil in the ecru color and it looks great makes it look like it is an heirloom handed down.
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I suggest going with White for your shoes and accessories. If this doesn't work for you get a reem of the same fabric your dress is made from or a matching color and cover a book for your guest book, make a ring pillow and have your shoes dyed to match. Going with white will look beautiful and be simply easier...

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I know! This is a crazy world of colors. My dress was ivory and I ended up having gloves in ivory and accessorizing with things that are beige. That worked well for me.

If you try to be all matchy-matchy on everything, you'll drive yourself mad!

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I think you can have a ivory dress and white everything else. Different colors are good and having different types of the same color ( like ivory,whites,creams).

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My dress is a bit darker ivory and I was lucky to find a veil to match the same day. For jewelry and accessories, I'm going to use gold. It's not what I usually wear, but it compliments the dress really well, and on the whole I think it will look really good!


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I agree, the white color tends to be a bit harsh when paired with softer hues of cream and ivory.
Have you thought of adding shoe clips onto your shoes with ivory or pearl tones? The pearls especially work really nice in accessories since they have a softer reflection of the light.
Check out my website www.absolutelyaudrey.com, I design wedding shoe clips and have some really nice styles in the ivory and pearl accents.


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For future brides' sakes: There is also "light ivory," which is what I have gone with to solve this problem. Someone on etsy (PrettyThingsByJenni-> https://www.etsy.com/shop/PrettyThingsByJenni?ref=l2-shopheader-name) made my veil in light ivory and sent me samples of different shades of ivory so I could figure out what worked best for my dress. And overall, as long as the whites aren't glaringly different I don't think anyone will notice!
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