Is the Mother of the Bride and Groom supposed to match the wedding party?
My colors are Ivory and Black (so far) lol... both my mom and FS's mom have asked me what color does their dress have to be?? I thought they were free to choose their own I wrong? I mean I told them not to get crazy with like a bright red backless sequence dress or I thought at the end it would be their decision...

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most coordinate with the colors of the bridal party. I am having my ladies of all ages in royal blue. My mom will be in a navy or a lighter tone. FMIL and I have not even discussed her dress. This makes the formals look nicer than random colors supposedly.
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It's fairly standard for parents and grandparents to coordinate with the wedding colors, but not necessarily match them exactly. Our colors were periwinkle and silver, and our mothers & grandmothers wore dark purple, a purple floral, navy and light blue. They didn't wear the same colors as the wedding party, but it kept the cohesive look.

If your colors are black and ivory, they could wear black, gold or silver and look good! Plus a black dress they could more likely get to wear again.

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Yep, most mothers co-ordinate with your colors.

My daughters colors are cornflower with accents of hot pink. So, I plan to go with a darker shade of be in the same color palate.

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hmm thanks ladies..guess I better call them!!! But if my BM's are in Black should they were all black too? What about a blk/white or something?

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That's cute.
no backless, sequins, bright red dresses --true true true.
I always thought traditionally the bride's mom chooses her dress first, then the groom's mom.
Something flattering and complementary colors to the wedding colors, but not the wedding colors.
I think they should not wear black--that they should stand out a bit more from the bms.
Maybe silver, deep berry, emerald, jade, or plum color.

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ohh I think I like the deep berry...wheels are turning! Thanks JJ!

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I haven't heard of mothers wearing the same colors but something in the same palette. For example, my colors are eggplant, dark magenta & lime green. My mom is going to wear a burnt orange/red. Not sure what fmil is going to wear but her fav color is kelly green so we'll see.

I'm with JJ on this one, I don't think they should wear black if your BMs are. Add some 'color'. I suggest the colors JJ did. GL.

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Thanks Binx..your colors sound soo pretty! Can't wait to see pics!!

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@Damaris I thought the same thing until FMIL asked FS what color should she wear....I colors are burgundy & gold...anybody have any suggestions....I'm thinking maybe peach?

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The peach sounds like it can be a pretty transition..(hope I'm using that word right) BUT just in case I'm wrong.. I meant it sounds like it will mesh well..

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There are tons of colors just a step off black.
@HMP I think using the dessy color pallette might help you find a color that looks nice. I can't seem to think of ay that would look nice with the burgundy.

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I'm telling my mom to wear whatever she feels comfortable in as long as she doesn't class with the bridesmaids who are wearing dark red. We haven't really figured out what she's going to wear yet, but as she's plus-sized and very picky, I'll be happy if she has something to wear!

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My wedding colors are teal, purple, pink and blue. My mom is wearing a purpley pink color and my fmil is wearing a bright blue. My bm are wearing tealness by alfred angleo. Intrestingly enough, our moms chose dresses that are a similar style but still different enough to suit their individual styles...and they bought their dresses at Dillards!

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@Damaris that was the right word lol

@shdvl, thanks!!

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yes the mom's should match the color scheme.....what color flowers are you having? maybe they could match the colors in the flowers,but mom and fmi should not wear the same color...when my sister got married her colors were teal and peach...MOH JBM FG were in peach BM in teal so our mom wore peach and mom in law wore looked and matched beautiful....i was in a wedding once we wore kelly green satin dresses and the brides mom got the same type of dress but with some netting around the bottom in a bright purple,it was the tackiest thing i ever seen and it threw off every picture she was i say just have them find something that complements the bridal party...

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Flowers??? Oh Gosh..haven't even made it there yet!!! lolol

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I told mine to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. My BM are wearing clover and my mom found a dress she loved on sale that is a light pink color. I told her to get it and I think she will look fone with whatever flowers we choose. Not sure what FMIL wants.
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