Is it tacky to put address envelopes using clear labels
Both my FH and I have good hand-writing but we do not know Calligraphy. So we were thinking of printing the addresses on clear labels in Calligraphy font rather than hand-writing. Is that tacky?
Instead, dhould we just hand-write them even though it is not Calligraphy?

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So I know proper etiquette would tell you all kinds of stuff about this but let's all be honest about any wedding invite we've ever received. Can you even remember how it was addressed? the font that was used? printed, hand-written, calligraphy? I'm willing to bet your guests will not care about the labels on the envelope, they tear it open and toss it aside. The labels are so much easier than writing it out yourselves and cheaper than paying to have it printed so go for it!

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Go with lables it is easy and quick and i agree no one looks at the envelope most of they time they just look to see who it is from then tear it open!

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If you have a home printer, it might be nearly as easy to print the addresses directly on the envelopes. I think labels can be a bit casual, especially if they end up crooked. Microsoft word has a great envelope tool.

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I used the clear labels bacause I have very bad handwriting. The few that I hand wrote turned out ugly and I had to readdress them with the clear labels. No one complained and they looked nice.

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I designed my own wedding labels, using a picture of my bouquet. I printed them (lucida calligraphy font) on clear labels. they looked professional and they were unique and I really liked them.

I know calligraphy and I still wasn't about to sit down and write out 200 envelopes. No way!

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Thanks all!
I think we will go with the clear labels.

Hey Malkie
How did you put the picture of your bouquet on your label? That sounds like such a cool idea.

I have a printer at home, but my envelopes are pretty thick and have some embellishments on them...jammed my printer trying to get one through.

What label printer did you use? I am thinking of buying the small DYMO label printer. Any other suggestions?

Thanks a mil!

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Ah, things have sure changed in the last 20 years or so. When I got married the first time, it wasn't so easy to just print labels from your home computer! I wrote them all out by hand (not calligraphy, though I did know it) and during the last couple of months of my senior year in college, when I had much better things to do!

This time around I am tempted to print them... and maybe I will... but sometimes I enjoy the routine of sitting down to do something like that. I guess it will depend on my mood a couple of months from now, how busy I am with my classes (funny how I'm in college again!) and how many invitations I need to do. It's looking like only 30-40, so that won't be so bad to do by hand.

My grandmother would probably have a conniption if I sent her an invitation with a computer printed label, so I'll hand write hers no matter what. ;-)

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my fh just hand wrote the invatations, but used clear labels with the colors of our wedding for the return labels. we should have did that with peoples address's too. (only in black though lol) that way incase you dont mess up on them and they still look nice. i say go ahead and use clear labels in callgraphy font. it would prob save halof of the time if you ro him are good typers.

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I hate to differ with everyone on here about the labels, but personally they look fine if they're on your STD, a Bridal Shower Invitation, but not on a Wedding Invitation. Someone suggested it to me with our Wedding Announcements and I was so against it. If you really feel you need to use a label to make them look nice, either find a fancy font you have on Word, a website called Da Font ( or purchase a program called Weddings Addressed. The cheapest place to find it is from Jean M. It's $24 (I payed $30 with tax and shipping and handling) and went and used it on my announcements and plan to use it on my STDs and Invitations. It's worth it if you can't afford a Calligrapher. The link for the program is: My sister hired a calligrapher for her's and my stepmom did calligraphy for us in the past. This program you can print 10 envelopes at a time. You just need the measurements of the envelopes and they come out perfect.

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If I can find the invite from a friend's wedding to post on here, it looked like a 6 year old addressed the envelopes. There were so many crossouts, Everything was all over the envelope, I would have thought they would have at least typed them on a computer. The program or even on word with fancy fonts will look like a calligrapher did your envelopes w/o having to pay top dollar for a calligrapher. I have neat handwriting and hand addressed all of my envelopes for our Wedding Announcements and I'm a perfectionist as to how invitations, announcements, Save the Dates, etc. get sent out to my family and friends, that I was even turned off by them, it was a good thing we ordered more than needed, b/c I even went back with the program and typed them all out and they looked much more professional looking. Honestly just think of how your guests would preceive receiving a Wedding Invitation that was addressed to them with a label on the outer envelope. It's all about presentation.

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I have good penmanship too, but calligraphy-wise, I just don't cut it! Unless your calligraphy is REALLY good, I think it looks messy. Labels are great!

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I know for me the only way I would have put labels were if I was going to be putting invitations in either a message in a bottle style or scrolls that are being put into a box with tulle and a cinderella slipper since there wouldn't be an envelope and a box would be hard to address, so would a bottle.


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Dear papijack,

use clear label! ... any label could be elegant with a proper design and choice of fonts. i would go with a bigger clear label to make it part of the overall design. and use some wedding dingbats ... i think that would add something to the label unless you have a elaborate envelope already then less is more.


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Like Laura said who cares about the envelopes!? People don't save the envelopes they throw them in the trash! I think the clear labels with a beautiful font would be much better than sloppy handwriting. It really doesn't matter how formal your wedding is going to be or not be. It is an envelope that your guests will throw away. "Proper Etiquette" says differently but I really think handwriting envelopes is out dated & totally not neccessary now a days.

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Clear labels would be fine to use. Just make sure that you use an attractive font for presentation. In today's economy clear labels would be easier on the pockets, Good luck
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