Is anyone.....
Is anyone not getting a Limo? If not, how and who are you riding to the ceremony with? Where are you staying at the night before the wedding? Who is staying with you?

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We are trying to avoid a limo as a matter of cost but many of the venues have lodging on site or one of our other ones have several hotels very close to the ferry we take over to the island (without looking at them the ferry to the wedding is my favorite!!)
(Ferry is about $5pp to get to/from the island)
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We are passing on the limo. Our reception and ceremony and are in one location. We are also staying at a hotel that is literally a five minute walk from the reception. We want to put money towards things on our honeymoon.

The night before the wedding I am staying at a friend's house. We are doing one large slumber party for the bridal party.

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DH stayed with his family a couple days before the wedding and I stayed with mine. The morning of, DH rode with his parents and I drove our car to the ceremony. DH and I drove ourselves to the reception. Since we had a couple (seriously, only a couple - since there were kids there, the clean up guys would take any drink sitting on a table, so even though I went through like five cups, I'd only have a couple sips of each one!) drinks, my mom would NOT let us drive ourselves home (LOL) so she had a co-worker take us home and my parents dropped off my car.

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I plan on riding with my mom to the wedding venue the night before. FH is going to drive my car and bring our dog the following day. Our venue is where the ceremony and reception happen, no need to spend the money on the limo.

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No limo here but a horse and carriage to go to the reception in.

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no limo.
we are driving ourselves there, probably together actually- he can do last minute details while I'm getting my face done. We will also most likely just be staying at our apt the night before, or a hotel if we still have to be at my dads house by then.

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Thanks ladies! I have been wondering about the limo because in our area, Saturday limo rentals have a 4 hour minimal. I do not need a limo that long.

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no limo here.. we are just using our cars/minivan gonna make them look all nice with car bows

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I don't want a limo as our ceremony and reception are in the same location and we are arriving earlier than the ceremony for a first look and some formal pictures so no one will be seeing our transportation anyway. FI wants a limo, but it's kind of silly to have one to drive 4 guys ten minutes down the road and pay $300 for it.

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Not gonna lie... I haven't honestly thought this through.. we're probably just taking a few cars (mine and the best man's)

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No limo for us. Personally, I think it's a waste of money. Who really cares what kind of car you show up and leave in? (Well, I guess that's not fair, some people do), but we don't, so I will be riding with my mom to the ceremony and riding home in FH's silver Pontiac G6 - Weeeeeee!!!! :)

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I personally chose a hotel that had a shuttle and me and my bridesmaids took us to the venue , where we got dressed in the Bridal Suite. My DH rode with the groomsmen. At the end of the night we rode the shuttle with our guests who were going back to the hotel and it was so much fun!
We saved a good $ 850

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not getting a limo. Probably having MOH husband drive me, her, and my mom. (havn't asked him yet, but I can't see it being a problem as we are all staying in the same hotel the night before)

Night before wedding staying in the bridal suite (which is and executive suite with a bedroom, office which we will get a cot for and living room with pullout couch.)
I am staying there, the best mans wife is staying there, and some of my BM's they will flip a coin to see who stays with their bf's ansd who stays with me

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We are getting a limo, but that's because I'm staying at my parents (where my BMs will be getting ready), FH is staying at a separate hotel and our ceremony (church) and reception (country club) are at two different locations. Easier to get from one place to another and keep the wedding party together for pictures.

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No limo for us. Ceremony and Reception are in the same location and our hotel has a shuttle that takes guests that are staying at the hotel to the venue and then picks us back up again at the end of the reception. Its free as long as we book 15 rooms.

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Not getting a limo. eek I didn't even think about this! Thanks for the reminder!

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We live like 15 minutes [if that] from the venue so FH is going to drive the car over during the day & I will come with my parents. After, we're just going home. In the event we are both too inebriated to drive, my brother who is underaged & I will make sure he is not drinking to begin with haha, has offered to take us home :].

It works out for us. We both love our bed & our home, so it didn't make sense to spend unnecessary money when we're so close to our venue & so comfortable in our home ;].

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No Limo for Us...
Our Ceremony and Reception is at 1 location.
As for where we are going to stay. My parents have a pretty spacious house so were all just staying there. Its easy and cheap LOL
We probably just driving together in someones car. We'll be there early to set up and get ready.

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Thank you, ladies!
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