Invite my boss?
So I'm doing about a third round of chopping down my guest list. In the area we live in (right outside DC), I'm starting to see that if I want a nice, workable place...the guest list has to go down. My parents are helping pay what they can, but the majority is coming from my FH and me.

So I have some coworkers that I have worked with since day 1 (almost 4 years), who I am definitely inviting, because we are actually friends. Now, my boss hasn't even been my boss for a full year, and we only have a very formal boss/employee relationship. He never asks me about my personal life, I know nothing of his.

My mom was like "Well, he's your boss though." But, she has always had close relationships with her bosses because of the type of work she does.

Basically, what I'm wondering is if I'm inviting others from work (one from my actual team/shares my boss), would it be wrong NOT to invite my boss?

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I am inviting my boss.

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What kind of relationship do you have with your boss and how long have you worked with him/her?

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We are inviting our boss, but they couldn't make it . they send us the wedding gift.

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I have a professional/personal. I work with an autistic child so im inviting the parents. But my other office job, i have a professional relationship and I am not inviting any of the supervisors because i feel like I havent known them long enought. about 6 months but ive been working there almost 2 years.

FH is inviting his boss as well
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We both are inviting ours. I actually am inviting my old boss and my new. My old boss still works for the company just a different salon. I get along with them very well and thought I should. FH is inviting his, he doesnt get along with his boss as well as I do with mine. They have had a rough relationship since day one. But he says he is coming and seems excited!!

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This is so tricky! FH is inviting his, but he has been at his job for 12 years and has a great friendship-y relationship with his supervisor, so it makes total sense.

To describe our relationship: I sit outside his office and we speak about once/twice a week.

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We are inviting our boss but it's a close personal relationship (that sounds odd lol, but he is like family) so that's a bit different. Your situation sounds like you would be ok not inviting your boss. Doesn't sound like he will be too torn up if he doesn't get an invite, and you haven't known him that long anyway. I work with a lot of people, most of them every day. Some of them aren't getting invited because I really haven't known them that long, even if we get along, because we don't really know each other that well. I'd rather have people there that are important to me than people I feel obligated to invite. :)

*Edit: I just noticed your wedding is more than a year away. Maybe you will get closer to your boss in this time? Maybe you should make this decision closer to your wedding. Create an "A" list (must have invites) and a "B" list with your boss on it (and whoever else that wont be devastated if they don't get an invite) then update accordingly :)
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I'm inviting my boss. I just think it's proper etiquette especially if your inviting people from work and it gets around that you didn't invite your boss...akward.

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My boss was our best man. However, I did not invite any other co workers since the guest list was already settled when I started working. They all understood

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oh, im not. i hate the guy. him even being there would sour my stomach

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I'm not inviting anyone I work with. I am friendly with my direct supervisor, but we are having a small wedding with family and a few close friends and trying to keep it small so I decided not to invite anybody I work with.

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My FH is inviting his boss's, yes plural haha we're having 2 tables of 12 just for work people. we're doing it to be polite and plus the bosses usually give nice gifts ;) hahaha

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Wedding is a personal, not a business function. Unless you work in a very small place and everybody else is invited, you don't have to invite your supervisor. My DH manages a lot of people, and we've been to 1 wedding so far. And that's the only guy from my DH's team that we actually spend time with outside of work. We never thought not being invited to other weddings was rude - in fact I think it would have been weird.

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There are over 300 people at my work. I am only inviting three people from my office: my immediate supervisor, someone that I collaborate with on a lot of projects, and one other person. We've had close working relationships for the past two years. They know my FH and have known about our engagement and wedding plans since day 1. Recently, however, there has been a lot of restructuring at my job. As of next week, I will no longer work under my current supervisor. Instead, I will be reporting to the director of the institute and one other person. At this point, however, I will not be inviting the new supervisors to my wedding.

Just Reenski
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I agree with Andrea R's suggestion of possibly B-listing them for the moment. You can take them off the list, or add them to the list as you figure out your relationship with them.

My boss is currently on my B-list, but even if I were to invite her, I think she'd probably decline, for the reasons Mrs. S said.

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I work for a bank and we have a close group of people. Our boss has only been officially ours for 2 weeks, but we have met before and I invited the rest of my coworkers. I didn't want her to feel left out. It's probably a situation where they may not even show up but would appreciate being included. That's the way I'm going about it.

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We are inviting my FH's boss's boss. We are also inviting one of his old bosses that is now retired. He has know this man for 10 years now. He has a good personal relationship with this man and really wanted to invite him. We are not inviting his direct boss, however. We like him, just don't have the same relationship.

We are also inviting someone that works for FH, just one. He manages a lot of staff at his job. At first I thought eh, that could be seen at favoritism but you know what?He have a great relationship with this guy and his wife outside of work. We've been to each other's homes, invite them to every function we have, and are planning to spend 4th of July together.

It really all depends. I wouldn't invite my ex boss.

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I am only inviting one person from my entire department of about 15 (in a 2500 company), and we have worked together for almost 4 years and she has sat in the cubicle next to me for almost 3 years.

Part of me feels that if I was inviting more people from my department, I'd feel worse about considering leaving my boss off my list. i know I still have a lot of time, but I am looking to seriously downsize my guestlist before we pick a venue.

The others I'm inviting (4 of them) don't work in my department, we don't get assigned on the same kinds of projects, but we go to lunch often and speak out of work. So they're more friends than coworkers anyways.

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i work 2 jobs. One i have had for 3 years the other only 1 year. I am inviting my boss of 3 years because we have a close relationship. and my boss of 1 year i am not since we only have a work relationship.

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Don't invite him, you're inviting your other co-worker because they have become a friend sitting next to you. Your boss is clearly not a friend of yours, so therefore not close enough to you personally to invite.
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