Invitation Wording to Ceremony After Elopement
We eloped on December 3 before my husband deployed but we are having a wedding ceremony and reception to celebrate the news with our family and friends in August. I don't want to think of it as a "vow renewal" but more of a "repeat performance" if that makes sense. My husband's sergeant performed the ceremony and he will do it again in August with the exact same words. I want our families to see us getting married as if they were there the first time. We will announce our elopement at the reception so I am not sure how to word the invitations so that it walks a fine line between saying we're not married yet and we eloped. More along the lines of "we invite you to celebrate our commitment to each other" without it sounding weird. Any ideas?

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And to complicate it further because of cost we are doing the ceremony, cake cutting, and dancing at the venue and hot dogs and hamburgers at my grandparents house since they don't live that far away. How do I fit all that onto a simple invitation?

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Oh my. Seems like this is quite a mess. If it weren't for doing the hotdogs and hamburgers at a different place it would be easier. Well first, I would suggest letting them know before the reception that you had already eloped, that would make it a bit easier. Something like "Please come celebrate our second take on our wedding". Or "Even though we are already married we would like the chance to celebrate our wedding with you on such and such date."
But the whole dinner at your grandparents house thing is very complicated. Are you doing that before the ceremony or are you planning on having the ceremony then going to your grandparents then back to the venue? Even though that's close people could get turned around with the times that things are supposed to happen. I dont see people enjoying themselves with the ceremony and cake then dancing and wanted to leave to get hamburgers. I'm sorry, just being honest.

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We got married before hand (although we let everyone know about it) and our invites will probably say "we request your presence at the celebration of our marriage"

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You definitely need to communicate in some way that you are already married. If people come for what they think is your actual wedding, and discover it is not, they may be quite upset with you. Having a reception in honor of your recent wedding is fine; trying to disguise a repeat of your ceremony as the actual ceremony is not.

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Maybe we should announce the elopement as the beginning to the invite then?
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