Intimate wedding/large elopement in portland, oregon
My fiance and I want a very small intimate wedding ceremony (10-15 guests MAX) with a nice dinner downtown afterwards. Does anyone know of anywhere in portland that has like elopement packages ? I dont mind going to the courthouse to keep it simple but I thought id post and see if anyone had any ideas :)

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It's not really an elopement if you are planning on inviting people to dinner!
You are just planning a very small wedding. Any good restaurant should be able to handle a party of that size and may even have a private room you can use.

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I don't know of any places anywhere that have 'packages' for that, per se. However, try a restaurant meeting room. If you have a meal there as well, the use of the room is free. There may be time restrictions- and an afternoon ceremony may be preferred over an evening ceremony. However, many restaurants do this all the time.

We were going to use one that had it's own sound system for the room (so no overhead music from the entire place). All we would have had to do is provide an officiant and a photographer.

And since the guest list was so small, we were able to choose a nicer location. In the end, we went another way, because the rooms were too small for our 60 person guest list- but it may work for you.

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I don't live in oregon but I too looked into "elopement" packages. Many bed and breakfast have what your looking for. try doing a goole search. Good Luck

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I can't with packages but FH and I are in Portland a few times a year and we always stay at The Nines right downtown. Its a great hotel - super service and they have two beautiful restaurants and a club upstairs. If I'm not mistaken they're right by the Pioneer Courthouse too.

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I live in Oregon and am getting married on Saturday in Portland. There are some restaurants that are absolutely amazing that you might want to try. My top choice would be Papa Hayden's, that is where I got engaged and the food is to die for! There is also the Portland City Grill, and The Melting Pot. If you want something more showy, Benihana's is always delicious, but that is more in the Tigard area. You could also google "fiine dining in Portland, Oregon" or "restaurant and lounges in Portland, Oregon". You may also want to consider the Chinese Garden or the Japanese Garden for a place to actually do your ceremony.
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I LOVE the nines it would be my dream location but oh my gosh is it spendy! I wish lol.

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Jakes has small rooms that you can rent out.

I am getting married at the Portland Rose Garden. There's several parks that you can rent for a few hours, you could have your ceremony at one of those, then go on for dinner somewhere.

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Jakes has awesome food and I 2nd Portland City Grill. You can't beat the views, either!

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if you wanted a nice place but not in Portland there are a lot of B&b's and Inns in the Yamhill county area, some joining wineries which are also beautiful and plentyful in August..
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I live in Seattle and have always wanted to get our vows renewed at VooDoo Doughnuts! They have fun packages. I'm not throwing it out there as a viable option for your actual wedding (though, some people do that too), but it looks like a fun place to stop by on your wedding day. :-)

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we decided on Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, WA. It is geooorgeous there and they have an amazing "elopement package"...but you can bring up to 14 extra people as guests! its perfect for us :)


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Ashley - Great choice! I was going to suggest the Hotel Vintage Plaza in downtown Portland, which has an attached upscale Italian restaurant, but it sounds like you are all set. Congratulations!
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