Infinity Symbol Theme
My Fiance and I are having the "Infinity Symbol" Theme. I'm having a hard time thinking of table center peice ideas with the symbol. Or for that matter, it's hard to incorporate it anywhere, without making it look really obvious and random. Any ideas or website links??? :)

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Maybe two cylindrical vases side by side, then bound with ribbon. The ribbon would form the symbol without it being quite so blatant.

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A handfasting might also be a cool way to incorporate it in your ceremony. This happens when you take your FH's right hand in your right hand. Left hand in left hand. The officiant would take a ribbon/cord/etc to bind your hands together (tie the knot) and then your hands are removed from the ribbon without undoing the knot.

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Very good ideas!!!! :) Thanks ladies~

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For centerpeices, you could get two of a standing centerpeice and then wrap some of greenery or vine around the two in a shape of the symbol.

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my DH's ring has the infinity symbol around it :)
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