Inexpensive items to put in welcome bags?
We are asking almost everyone to travel... possibly up to 70 welcome bags are going to need to be made. I'm already getting a local map for free and hopefully will be able to collect coupons/menus from the area, but I'd love some ideas for inexpensive snacks and whatnot to put in the bags!

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For snacks for that many people, I would go to Costco or somewhere similar for individual chip bags or granola bars or something similar. Maybe also information on local attractions or tourist things they might want to see. I've been trying to think about welcome bag ideas too but not for quite so many people, so I'm interested in what others suggest.

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- brochure from the local tourist office, if there is one (free)

- sample-/one-use-sized packets of things like sunblock (if a sunny and warm destination), wet wipes, advil/tylenol/aspirin.

- sample sized candy or food that you can easily buy in bulk

- welcome letter from you

- hand sanitizer
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bottle water from costco or sam's.... print your own labels to put on them?

granola bars from costco/sam's

advil for a hangover hit

Itinerary made on - leave one side with lines so people can write down the hotel room # of the other guests.

you can get free ones, and just pay s&h
click here for email deal and how to.

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We are hitting up Costco right after we get our rental car. Filling the totes with the itinary, water, HI soda, mac nuts, chocolate, advil, sunscreen, maps, flip flops and small bottles of alcohol.

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I was considering doing this as well. The only items I have so far is OOT handbook,Texas Cinnamon Roll , texas style chips,bottle water,hand santizer and lotion.

Still un-decided !

I don't want to waste the time or money putting it together and the contents get thrown away or not used. Some guest might not use or like the products that are given.
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If the hotel will allow it, I'm considering asking them to keep some "emergency" items at the front desk for our block - like meds. Do you think this is appropriate? I think it's A) safer not to have meds in the room with kids, B) then we can buy a dozen rather than 70! :) and C) we can make sure the extras go home with people rather than getting thrown away.
As a guest at a wedding, would it annoy you to go to the front desk to get say some tums?

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I ordered some things from and will get snacks froms sam's or cotsco when I get closer to the date. oh and dollartree you can place your order and have it shipped to the closest store to you and pay no shipping.

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@Sarah - yeah, I would be a bit peeved to go the front desk for tums :) Just me though!

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Sarah, I know our hotel charges something like $2 a room to distribute welcome bags to guests as they come in. I'm not sure whether a hotel would be willing to do what you're thinking of. Are you having a guest suite where you can keep those things? A friend ordered a suite with a living room / sitting area between 2 BM's rooms, and OOT guests were welcome to come hang out, socialize, watch TV. They stocked it with snacks, soda, beer, and advil. If it's not an extra or undoable expense, that may work for you.

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@ Sarah. To my knowledge, front desk/hotel personal cannot give out meds. I had a killer headache once and asked the front desk if they had any tylenol and they said no, they couldn't hand out meds to guests. And to wait for the mini shoppe to open.

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thanks for this posted I wanted to know this as well

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J R S. I have been to a wedding like that.... they had a big suite, and LOTS of coolers and TONS of liquor..... it was like a mini bar in there for everyone to pre-party.

Maybe buy a big bottle of tums, and Advil, and separate it into little baggies?

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Exactly. You could get a couple of big bottles of each, or have a bowl/bag of sample-sized pouches out.

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You don't think people would be bothered if we've put them in baggies, rather than getting the individually wrapped ones?

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I would not take medicine from a baggie. If the teeny bottles from the travel section of your drugstore don't fit in the budget, I'd skip the meds. You could always just include the name, number, and address of the nearest 24-hr drugstore!

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If they are your family members i don't think they would mind meds from a bag. just make sure they are all in their own little back and clearly marked. I wouldn't take ones from a total stranger- but a family member- probably.

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you can buy a box of 50 individual packs of advil from amazon! very reasonable!
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