Independant Seamstress vs. Alterations done at Bridal Salon?
Anyone have opinions or advice on this?

My dress is from David's Bridal, I had a great experience buying the dress, love the dress but when I went to pick up the dress, was left with a bad taste after my experience from the customer service when the dress was picked up... When I purchased the dress I fully intended to go back to DB to get the alternations done but now I'm not so sure.

Anyone opt out of getting their dress altered by the bridal salon and choose an independent seamstress? Anyone get alterations done at their bridal salon but wished they hadn't? I've heard that it CAN be cheaper to go through a seamstress (obviously depends what area you live in and who you pick) but most importantly I want to be sure that the alterations will be done correctly and if there are any issues that my concerns will be heard and addressed which is my biggest concern with going back to DB...

Thoughts? :)

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I had very simple alterations and went to an independent seamstress. I wanted the more personal service from someone who only handles a few dresses at a time. I amm very happy with her attention to details and she really listened to my concerns.

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A good seamstress will be able to do pretty much whatever you need. A lot of them fix dresses and even make their own gowns and clothes. My Aunt is a professional seamstress. She is making my gown, the MOH and bridesmaid gowns plus the flower girl dress. There isn't much she can not fix.

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My bridal shop outsources their alterations to an independent seamstress and I felt very comfortable with her working on my dress. It will probably be cheaper and they do tend to be more experienced. Plus, I'd rather support the little guy than the big business any day.

Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. When you use the bridal salon where you purchased the dress for alterations if anything would happen to your dress in the process they would be able to replace the dress for you. If you use an independent seamstress, all she can do is reimburse you for the cost of the dress - she will not be able to secure you a replacement dress.

When you have your gown altered at a bridal salon, often times one person is pinning your dress, and someone else will have to follow their instructions and sew it. This is not the best way to have alterations done, and at times one person's interpretation of the pinning can be quite different than another's. I used to be an alterations manager for a large salon and I know with how busy they are, and the fact that many of the seamstresses have language barriers, that mistakes happen.


Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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When you use an independent seamstress, you will have the same person pinning, altering and pressing your gown. She is probably doing a limited number of dresses since she is doing them all herself. You will probably receive more attention to detail.

It is important to do your research on who you want to use. Make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Ask for a consultation with each of your options and go with your gut.

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I bought my dress from David's Bridal as well. Had a good dress buying experience...but like you, I was left with a bad taste afterwards. I love my dress - but I honestly wish I hadn't purchased from David's Bridal.
I took mine to an independent seamstress. She was a pleasure to work with and hopefully, HOPEFULLY my dress will be great when I pick it up next week!

Mrs. M
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I used David's Bridal and I am not happy with it.
I am a size 0 always have been a size 0 but they told me I need to get into a size 2 because it would be "cheaper" for me because my chest is bigger than a 0 and to alter it bigger would make it more expensive.
Well, I got alterations done and it was stem to stearn even made my chest area altered smaller.
I go to try the dress on for my appt. and it was too small we couldnt even get it on.
Good thing, they are fixing it! Bad thing is they lied to me so they could charge me on alterations when the 0 most likely would have fit without having to be altered period.
I would chose to go ANYWHERE but with them. It's all about money there ---- at least from what I can tell.

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I got my dress at a local boutique. They actually don't have in-house seamstresses, but had a list of ones you could either meet at the boutique or at their own businesses. I just kind of picked one haha. I figured since they were recommended by the bridal shop, they will be fine. I'll find out next month at my first fitting!

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Check the reviews specifically on alterations. I had my dress altered at the salon where I bought it. HUGE mistake. They lied to me, I had to make a number of extra trips back to the salon in the last 2 weeks before the wedding, paid an exorbitant amount of money AND ended up with he dress that didn't fit properly. What does it tell you that H went to one of my fittings because he just couldn't take my complaining any more. Basically, she ruined my dress and I had to take it.

2d Bride
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We used an independent seamstress. The bridal salon we used didn't even have an in-house seamstress. The owner referred us to someone in their area. However, their area was over an hour away from us, so we really didn't want to have to go back there multiple times for alterations. Several people on The Site Which Must Knot Be Named recommended someone much more local to me, so I decided to go with her. She was wonderful! Her prices were quite reasonable, she is an incredibly sweet person, and both dresses fit perfectly when she finished with them.

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I bought my dress at DB and had them do the alterations as well. I talked to 3 different DB alterations department before I decided to take it to a particular one. They did an excellent job and the alterations were perfect.

I chose to go the DB because if they screwed up the alterations they could replace the dress.
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