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Long story short - my mother was killed by my father when I was young, my mothers parents raised me since I was 3; my grandfather passed away when I was 13 and my grandmother (who was my BEST friend) died when I was 23 - SO, with that being said, my wedding day is going to be very emotional - best, yet saddest day of my life i'm sure. I want to do something very special at my wedding in their memory - nothing over the top because at the end of the day, I want everyone happy for me and my fiance..........any ideas???? Thanks ladies.....

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and to add, i'm only 26, so it's not been that long since my grandmother died..

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That is exactly what I want to do for my deceased FIL. He passed away 2 years ago, and my husband is really upset his biological dad can't be there for this important day.

What I'm thinking of doing? Get a picture of his dad that he really likes, and place it on a table by itself with a little sign that say "someone we really wish could've made it to this important day." I'm thinking of having a little name card beneath it to show who he is (Name and who he was). Maybe you could do something similar?

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You can get those little charms that you can put a picture in, and attach it to your bouquet.

You can leave an empty chair where they would have been sitting, and put a rose on it.

Wear a piece of their jewelry, carry one of their hankies?

a poem in the program?

Although we cannot see you,
We know that you are here.
We feel the warmth of your smile,
And can sense that you are near.

We want for you to know,
Your love is still our guide,
Memories carried in our hearts,
You are always at our side.

It's so sad you will not be here,
On the day we say "I do",
And so we say our vows today,
In loving memory of you.

and then put the names of those that can not be with you...

Sorry for the loss.

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In addition to Hayley's suggestions, I did a star shaped charm for my bridesmaid's son and the ceremony opened with two of his neices carrying 2 baskets of mums to represent my grandparents and his grandparents. There was a small note in the program describing the memorial flowers and listing our grandparents.

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He lost his dad years ago and within the past 10 I have lost my father, my brother, my mother and just last year, my oldest daughter. i initially wanted to do an empty chair with a rose on it to represent each but I thought that would be too many chairs and would make everyone sad so I am either going to do a memorial table with a small picture of each, a framed poem of remembrance and a candle or I will carry a bouquet of white roses but will add one colored blossom for each loved one who could not be there. I also like Pumpkin's Sunshine's idea.

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I putting rhinestone letters to spell out my brothers name and put on the bottom of my shoe. That way it's like he walking me down the aisle.
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Something that I have seen people do is name the tables after passed family members, I lost my grandfather and so has James so we are doing the immediate family tables with their picture and names engraved on the frames. Since you have lost many people(which I am sorry for) then you can name a table after these people and have them as part of your wedding day.

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We are putting the poem Hayley posted earlier on the back of the program along with a candle and a rose on the alter. My FMIL is going to light the candle that will be there for my FH's father who died when he was young, and with my grandparents. Just a small gesture to remember those who we love and miss. Good luck!

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We did a digital picture frame that had a slide show of all those who had past. My uncle game me away and I asked him to mention to our guests to take a moment and look at the slideshow. Everyone loved it. We put a flameless candle in front of it that said in memory. We added it to our cake table.

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Courtney lost both her grandfathers and her grandmother. She put each grandfather's original dog tags from the military and a brooch from her grandmother on her bouquet..."so they could be close to her heart"

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This is what we did for my Husbands Dad that had passed away 12 years ago. The picture in the frame was his Dad on his wedding day and we used his favorite flowers.

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