In rehearsal do you actually rehearse walking down the isle too?
I was watching a wedding on TV and during the rehearsal the bride had someone else stand in for her to rehearse her walking down the isle during the rehearsal. She said it was "bad luck" to walk the isle before the wedding. I've heard some brides say they didn't want to practice that part because they wanted the "effect" of it to be for the first time at the real wedding. So.....

What do you think? What have you done? What do you plan to do? My rehearsal is only in a few days and I'm trying to decide if I should practice that part. My only issue is I really wanted to time the walk because I want the whole song to play and I'm not sure if the isle is long enough.

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From pics I've seen of people on FB, I always get the impression that the bride does walk..I plan to, it may help prevent nerves too, and just practicing that timing also with whoever is walking you down, if you are having anyone do that I think is pretty important..I can picture myself going too fast..but it's important to go a little slower to be sure the photog gets some great shots. :-) I don't think it would take away the effect; I feel like nothing can! It will be totally different the day of.

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I'm def going to practice at the rehersal. I'm a fast walker and I know I'll prob get down to FH in about 3 seconds lol. I don't personally think it's bad luck, but that's just me.

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great post! I was thinking the same thing!!

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I have seen a happy medium. In my experience with rehearsals, the bride does not walk when the actual rehearsal is going on. But will at some point while at the rehearsal practice the walk (e.g., when everyone is going over something else she and her dad may practice). But while the full rehearsal is happening she is standing/sitting watching/listening to instructions.

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I have also heard that it is bad luck to walk the aisle during the rehearsal. I will not be walking it with my father I will have someone step in.

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I also have heard that it's bad luck. But I still believe I am going to practice because I tend to walk fast when I am nervous.

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From all weddings I've been to, been a BM etc... at the ceremony rehearsal, the bride always rehearse walking down the aisle, I plan on doing the same. I'm not sure what the bad luck is but of all these weddings I attended, the couples are still happilly married.

It's always very helpful to know exactly or appoximately how long it'll take for everyone to walk in

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Our coordinator made us all practice this multiple times. I didn't have any superstition about it.

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Yeah I don't really care about the supersticious part. That's all "hoopla" to me. LOL But I didn't know what the norm was. I am walking down bymyself till I get half way and then my dad will walk me the rest of the way. I may practice that just for his sake nmore than anything. We want to make it a smooth transition.

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I've never heard of it being bad luck to walk to aisle during the rehershal actually. I will be practicing for sure, I would hate for the first time be the wedding day and not allow the photog to get any good pictures like Ab Z said.

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ive never ehard that before. i rehearsed the walk down the aisle

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I walked down the aisle with my dad at the bad luck here! Everything has been perfect since! :)

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Never heard that before ... I plan to walk at my rehearsal ... and it'll help me calm my nerves and I'll know how slow or fast to walk to the song I enter to ...

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I have never heard of that before. I practiced walking down the aisle with my dad carrying my bow and ribbon bouquet from my shower.

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Never heard of that before, I walked down the aisle at my rehearsal and glad I did because I was walking way too fast for my song, practicing helped a lot.

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Never heard it's bad luck, but I do believe most rehearse walking. Make sure you remind your entire bridal party (including yourself :) ) to A) smile when they're walking down the aisle and B) walk slowly!!!

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Maria: Forget what is "normal" or what you're "supposed to do". Do what is necessary for your wedding to go off the way you want it to on the day of. If that means you need to walk down the isle to get the timing right, do it.

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I did.... Never herd about it being bad luck. It helped me out a lot. Are photographer was there, and showed me whr to stop for a sec for a photo...and my dad had know idea that he hand to hand me over to my we work.d out the bugs and it went smoothly

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I've never heard of not walking. I have, however, seen a lot of couples choose to not practice the kiss. But, I guess, whatever floats your boat!

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walking before hand is great.. it gets you familiar with the pace to take.. I never heard that as a superstition before, but shoot.. maybe now I won't walk lol
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