In Loving Memory...
FH and I have both lost some people close to us. My grandparents on my mom's side, My grandma on my Dad's side & I never met my grandpa. Most recently, unexpectedly we were called to NY FH's Dad passed away. I was wondering what creative ideas there were to remember loved ones on our special day.


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Maybe mention them in the program??

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I had written on a luminarie the following. I then put the vellum around a small candle vase and place a tea light in it. Way cheaper than a memorial candle.....bought it on etsy scrappinginnovations is the store.
For those we have loved
And lost along the way
A light to remember them
Shines here today.
Forever in our hearts
Forever in our lives.
In loving memory of
John smith, father of the groom
Kat smith, grandmother of the bride
Maria smith, aunt of the bride

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I'm leaving an open seat for my Mom.


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Good evening Brooke Im sorry to hear about your loss On your Wedding day Do a special area/or table if you have the guest book/cards to HONOR all love ones that are not with us, Grandparents /parents... Put framed photos of each loved one that passed, a couple candles & Roses with baby breathe represnting each one.. in 1 vase... Its a very sweet and respectful touch. Good luck and God bless.. Vic

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i lost my Mom 8 years ago..I'm setting up a table at the ceremony w/ flowers and her picture along w/ the Unity candles and our Officiant is going to say her name along w/ some of FH's deceased relatives before we start our vowels.
The table w/ her photo on it will be moved to the reception area also.

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I lost both of my parents this year, and will be leaving 2 open seats with a lily on each one. Also will have something in the program. I have seen people put a single flower on the door, In Memory of all loved ones unable to attend. Also, if you look at wedding supply online shops, like amazon, there are memorial candles that you can personalize. Here is a link with some very pretty wedding memorials. Hope this helps! :)

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We are doing a memory candle to light during the ceremony. I'm hoping to be able to take it over to the reception too. Something like this I can make on my own in our colors:

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We are also doing a memorial candle I lost my dad over 20 yrs ago and both our grandparents have passed

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My mom has been gone for 10yrs now and my Fh dad passed away in 2010. We had memorial candles made and will be lighting the candles just at the start of our ceremony with a little speech to let everyone know what is going on.

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I'm so sorry Brooke. I lost my G-ma just 2 weeks before I was supposed to get married. It was so difficult. I wanted to incorporate her in my wedding so I had my coordinator set-up a table in the front of our sweetheart table at the reception, which then my floral vendor decorated. I purchased a really nice frame and put her picture in it and had it personalized. Here's a pic of it.

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We're going to have a special table with the pictures of everyone who couldn't be there do to their untimely circumstances. Mainly it'll be my dad and my FH's uncle (his favorite and the one he was the closest to). We're also going to have our grandparents that aren't with us any more and his cousin who passed away in a car accident last year (she loved weddings....she'd probably be my idea machine right now :D) with a vase of flowers and a candle in front of each picture. They're going to be set up in a circle so you can walk around the table and see all of them. It'll be subtle and really nice.

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We are going to have photos of all the ones we have lost on a mantle with candles lit for each one....all of my grandparents and his grandmother. We are so excited that his grandfather has decided to fly in from PA to be there! I get teary every time I think about it!
I might even include my beloved dog that I lost a couple of years ago who was my lifesaver so many times during the 10 years we spent together.
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Both my parents are passed away. I am leaving 2 chairs empty with white roses on them and their pictures. Im also have a memorial vase with their names on it and my 2 sisters and three brothers are going to place white roses in the vase while 2 red ones are already in the vase in remembrance of them during the ceremony.

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I'm thinking of a candle lit on one of the tables, it'll have a picture frame with a slip of paper in it that says something along the lines of gone but not forgotten, while they aren't here in body, we'd like to remember those here in spirit.
Maybe some photos. :) I will definately have a candle lit for them. Just need wording to play with!

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We are doing 2 things, the empty seats for our grandparents as well as memorial table.

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FH ans I have lost a lot of people, including my best friend, so I'm thinking we'll have one candle (i found a nice one w/a memorial poem) that remembers everyone we have lost but I will have something special on me that was my grandma's and I'd like to carry my best friends picture in a little frame on my bouquet

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My sister is in Heaven and I raise her son. I am honoring by putting a picture charm in my bouquet. Also her favorite flower was red roses, so I will also include those in my bouquet. My grandpa lost his sight his last 15 years of his life and made WW1 airplanes with waterbottles, cardboard, tape and pipe cleaners. One of those is gonna go on the memory table where I am going to have different pictures of lost loved ones. One the sugar free cake, my grandma gave her cake topper of her second marriage. She was widowed both times and I am gonna put that on top.

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And I am very sorry for your losses and to your FH on his father. xoxox

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I have lost a lot of people and my FH has last his dad so I am thinking about doing the empty chairs during the ceremony (outside) and then a memorial table at the reception with a poem, candle and pictures of our lossed love ones. I believe I will also carry a picture charm in my bouquet of my oldest daughter so that she is actually a part of the ceremony.
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