I'm thinkin about postponing the wedding *sigh*
FH and I are the only ones paying for our wedding.. We just got a house and are stuggling getting bills organized.. I know it will take a bit to get in the routine of it but as of right now we have no "extra" money to put torwards the wedding. All it is doing is stressing me out and causiing problems between FH and I.. I'm torn between the decision.

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I hate to say this but if you can postpone it without causing extra drama, you might be smart and will be better off. After all, you'll still be together, building your life and if you wait until you are more financially stable, the wedding day will be that much nicer!

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I would postpone it so you can get the two of you in order. That is what the most important.

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I got engaged last fall, and our initial plan was to get married in the fall of 2011. Well we had a hard time finding a venue that we liked, and when we did- the first opening was July 2012! So we took it :) Yes, I was a little bummed that we have to wait so long- but the time moves fast, and this gives us the opportunity to save up the extra money for things we really want to have.

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It's disappointing to have to postpone, but most likely it will be totally worth it in the end! You don't want to kill yourself (or your relationship) over your wedding...it will be so much nicer if you can wait until you can afford the wedding you want! Or maybe you could afford the ceremony, do a potluck type thing for a reception, and postpone your honeymoon until next year or something...? Just a thought.

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You could always go to the courthouse and make it legal and plan a renewal and reception at your 1 yr mark!

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Thanks ladies!!! you all really made me feel alot better..

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I'm with Christine, you can get married at a courthouse with just your closest family members, host a dinner at home after. You can do the big reception a year or so later.
It will be super intimate. :)

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You can postpone it but don't even call it that! Just say "moving the date up a little" :P There's nothing wrong with that. But don't just sit back. Start planning now with the little extra money you may have or when you find that you need for cheap. I've been buying things since the week I got engaged! And I know I saved money for most things. Plus it's less stress :)

Good luck!

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I am not in the loop when it comes to current wedding stuff and only ended up here because I was poking around after being invited by our travel agent to do a review on her service and stumbled on to your post. I hope this helps.
We postponed our wedding celebration for 15 months after setting the original date, way too much stress on both of us. It was the best decision for the two of us. I worried what others could think at first but those worries quickly disolved and were replaced by pure RELIEF!
Good Luck and Best Wishes,


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I think postponing it is a smart idea. It sucks to have to do it (trust me I've had to do it several times) but we are finally going to be able to do it next April. It's worth the wait. The less stress and drama the better.
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I think you're wise to put it off. Get things squared away. Take care of yourself and your immediate needs. Everything else will fall into place.

One more thing... Why don't you consider a "backyard wedding" rather than a "dream wedding"?

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My FH and I really wanted to be married in the early fall, but we knew there would be no way to do it by this fall so we are doing ours next year.. Don't let it get you down though, it just means you get to plan for even longer (which you have to admit is fun!) and that you'll be able to have the wedding that you and your FH dreamed of with little to no sacrifice ;)

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I'm seriously leaning towards it.. I think its going to be a big sigh of relief.. Im scared of what people will say tho.. I know thats silly..

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Sweetie screw what other people will say and do what you need to do. You have a lovely home to care for. You are smart enough to know that spending money you don't have is a bad idea. Bump back the wedding to when you are more settled and comfortable. This way you can actually enjoy the planning and wedding and not be stressing over every penny you spend. Best wishes!

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Thanks Jessica :)

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What do you really want? to be his wife, or a huge wedding?

What about a small, simple ceremony with your closest friends and family? You can always do a vow renewal later.

But if the end result is being his wife- it doesn't have to be a huge deal, or expensive or stressful. A pretty dress (doesn't have to be a wedding dress), 10-15 of your closest friends, a room, an officant and license- And you're in business!

You could always do a very private ceremony, than have a huge party at that great new house you got instead of the traditional reception!

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I have had 3 definite wedding dates set over the past 5 years. If they have a problem with you, tell them to call my friends and family..lol..

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When I got engaged in feb last year my mother in law wanted to do it last september and FH kept saying no.. I just thought he was being a pain in the you know what ;) but I said next september he agreed. I am thankful he did. We to are coming out of our own pocket with 3 children and our home ect. I am so glad to wait to get the wedding I wanted vs "just something to be married" In the end yes you are going to be his wife but for that day you are the bride and you want to share it with everyone.

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I know its a shame to have to put it off, but it may benefit you both if you do! trust me, you will be able to buy maybe nicer invitations, or maybe a sit down dinner instead of buffet because you may get the chance to save a little bit more for your special day. And you and your FH wont be so stressed!!
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