If you elope can you have a bridal shower?
Me and my fiance are thinking about going to elope at the court house and just having parents and siblings only and then after that having a bbq/reception where everyone can come and celebrate minus all the fancy stuff just real simple. so would it be ok to have a bridal shower???

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Normally is is your MOH, a BM, or a family member who throws the bridal shower. If they want to throw you one then by all means they can. But as a bride you can help them out if they ask, but you can't really 'make' someone throw you one.

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Yep I am having a bridal shower and bachelorette party and I am going to a chapel with a few friends. I asked this on another site and they got upset about it but my family and friends explained to me that its ok to have these things you only get married once (supposed too lol) and you should celebrate. Plus your loved ones want to shower you with gifts and celebrate your love im sure.

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Yea I agree with Shellie also if your BF or sisters or someone wants to throw you one then yes but I dont think its a good idea to throw yourself one lol

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Future Mrs Day- Was it The Knot? lol Just curious...

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Yep it sure was lol they are so freakin mean on there thats why i stopped going on there all the girls were soooo stuck up it was irritatting

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Future Mrs Day- Yea someone did a little test to compare this site and theirs. An innocent question, and she got REAMED for every little detail and wording she used. Same question asked here, everyone congratulated her and gave input lol. It's remarkable the difference. I Love the ladies here, they are awesome!!!

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Personally, I think it might be rude to elope and have a shower. It's like saying to people "you're not important enough to partake in our special day, but please give me presents."

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If someone offers that they want to throw you a shower, I think it's probably fine, as long as you invite all of those guests to the bbq, and as long as there's some kind of theme so people know what physical gifts to bring. I would find it strange if you eloped and created a registry though. Maybe a "stock the bar" or "kitchen/recipe" shower or something.

Don't bring it up to anyone or expect it, but NOBODY should do that, even if they throw a traditional wedding and invite 300 people.

And I kind of agree with Rae - except I'm viewing your bbq as an "at home reception" of sorts. So I guess in my mind, it depends on how you're framing that bbq.

If you were having no bbq or reception type thing then I would agree with Rae and the Knot ladies 100%.
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I think its fine to celebrate I just wouldnt do a registry but I think you can have a shower without a wedding or reception. You just wouldnt expect anything like what I'm doing I am just having close friends and his family and my family for food and fun. I'm sure people will bring gifts but I'm not asking for anything I'm really doing it for the bonding experience of the ladies of his fam and mine. I am going to do little games and have an advice part where it will be a game where people will get a bag and pass around with questions about their marriage experiences I think it will be quite comical to say the least. But I think its fine I dont understand what the big issue is!!

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I agree with krisalicious 100%. I was also viewing your bbq as an "at home reception", in which case all those invited to the bridal shower should be invited to the bbq. I tend to think that when you elope you kind of give up the whole bridal shower/registry/bachlorette party thing. But that's my opinion.

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I think it would be more of an engagement party if you really are eloping. I also agree no registry. I take it you are only inviting a handful of people to the actual ceremony and not everyone who is invited to the bbq? Than it would be kind of like a DW almost as far as guests go, and I would not do a registry or throw a shower myself as that can come across as gift grabby. If someone else wants to throw you a shower than that's fine, but if not than I wouldn't do a shower.

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I think it is perfectly fine as long as no registry.

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I disagree. Why cant she register for gifts she would like to receive and why cant she have have a normal shower and reception/bbq/wedding celebration..... whatever you want to label it as. I plan on having a destination wedding because that is our choice as a couple. I dont expect my family whom really cant afford it to come along however i feel i should still be able to have a bridal shower just as well as a bride who was getting married at the local church or someones back yard etc...... I plan on having a party 1 week after i get married back home and im doing it just the same way as anyone would be planning their reception following a church wedding. Just as much money and time put into it the only difference is im not getting married in the state im from.

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I am scouring for info on eloping and parties as well (for obvious reasons) ..and came upon this. I totally do not understand why you WOULDN'T register. No one EVER wants gifts they do not want, already have, etc. - regardless of the occassion. If you are having a celebration of your marriage, most likely at least ONE person will bring you a gift. Make their life easier and have a registry.
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