If It Rains at your Wedding its a Sign of Abundance and a Long and Happy Marriage!
It rained all day at my Husband and I Wedding, and at the time I was so angry. But I knew that I was going to do it all over anyway! But I never knew what the meaning behind it was, or if it is a meaning? Or is this old saying, just what it's called, "old"?
What do you think? When nothings going right at your Wedding, rather it's Rain, Snow, etc...
Is it the Devil working over-time trying to stop you?!

Well truth be told, I'm praying that I get a calm, sweet and beautiful weather bliss this time!!

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I don't know. It was darn near a hurricane at my friend Janelle's wedding. Ten years later, they're divorced and he's in prison. I'm hoping for nice weather because my guests have a long drive back!

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I have heard both sides. My grandmother always said for every rain drop that falls on your wedding day, that will be as many tears as you cry during the marriage.

I have a friend that says her family believes that rain is a good thing because we all need rain to survive.

Personally though, it poured on my first wedding day, thunder, lightening, and everything. Needless to say with that marriage, my grandmother was right.

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Yes, yes it is. The devil wants your hair to get ruined on your wedding day.

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I want clear skies for the pictures. :) Other than that...I'm not superstitious and I'm not religious...so I'll go with "my marriage is what I will make it" no matter the weather!

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Our wedding is in April. In Chicago. It would be totally moronic to schedule our wedding for that time and place and then blame rain on the devil. I'm bringing sandals, galoshes, umbrellas, sunglasses, wedge snow boots and a fur coat. I figure god gave me enough common sense to be ready for anything.

Plus our photographer is a magician and she can take gorg photos in any light. And our wedding is indoors. So, we're set.

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@Kris S-ours is April in Philly...I have no idea on the weather and am doing the same things--planning for any any everything! I checked the weather for the past 10 years and it's anything from 30 degrees and snow to 72 and sunny. lol

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Haha Sharron me too! Except for maybe a blizzard that shuts down the airports or some never-seen lake-effect monsoon, we're just going to roll with the flow whatever the weather may be!

We actually attended a wedding the last week of April in Chicago last year and paid attention to the weather b/c it was after we set our own date.....I think there were blue/sunny skies, clouds and rain, and a few minutes of snow all in one day. :)

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most people I know that had rain on their wedding day ended in divorce. I dont believe in rain making your marriage fail though. I have heard it is good luck, but I think people say that to just make you feel better.

Our ceremony was outside on the water, in michigan in october. We had a rather large gazebo with chairs set up for guests. Our photographer and minister asked us what our back up plan was, I said bring an umbrella! I hated thinking about it raining on our wedding day, I wanted outdoor shots and while rain shots can be cool, I was not about to stand in the rain with my dress and hair getting trashed before the reception. It did rain the morning of our wedding, it looked so ugly outside, then out of no where the sun came shining thru like an hour before the ceremony!

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Wow...I'm hearing more bad news, than good! But I guess I will have to wait and see what the future may hold. So far so good though...

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It rained the days before and after my outdoor wedding (we were in a severe drought at the time, too - this was the 1st time it had rained in months). To try and make me feel better, people told me that rain on your wedding day is good luck. My response: that's just a load of crap that someone told a bride so she'd calm down when it rained on her wedding day. :)

We moved our ceremony to the pavilion where the reception was going to be, & I think it turned out more beautifully than it would have if we went with what we planned. It felt more intimate, even with 150 people there. Turns out, it didn't rain on our actual wedding day, but the weather was really humid, cloudy, and generally crappy. So what does that mean?!? :)

People make up all kinds of things like that...I don't put a lot of stock in any of them. Marriages don't fail b/c of the weather on your wedding day.

Hopefully y'all are blessed with better weather on your wedding days!

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@kris S and Sharron M. I am having my wedding in March in Alabama. March is always a tricky month!!! It could be gorgeous. It could snow, it could rain. I am prepared for whatever. Your marriage is what you make it. The devil may try to stop you, but what God has put together let no man tear asunder. The weather and your marriage are both in God's hands so don't worry about.

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My family believes rain is good luck. I believe it too cause my parents wedding day was rained out and everyone had to go inside but it turned out perfectly and my mom still talks about it. Her and My dad have been happily married for almost 29 years. It will be 29 years on April 24th.
I am getting married April 14th to honor them.

In saying that, My big day is planned to be outside. I am hoping it's perfect and beautiful out and then when we are all inside partying like rockstars, I want the sky to just fall as hard as it can lol

But I have no control of the weather and if my marriage did fail, I would not blame it on the weather. It's about what you make of it.

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For the first wedding, it was so freaking hot. The night before I stuck the statue of the Blessed Mother at the window. When I woke up, she was lying on Her back from heat stroke. After 13 years....divorce.

In August, the town in which our DW was located in VT, was devastated by Hurricane Irene. They had not seen flooding since the 1920's. By the time we returned for October, they had fixed it up. It did rain on our wedding, day, but it stopped long enough to give us a rainbow. Since we planned for everything in the same venue, the rain did not affect anything but the runner of leaves. They were wet.

We also got a rainbow for our honeymoon.

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I believe rain can be viewed as a sign of good luck. Not only did it rain on our wedding we had a Tropical Storm nearly cancel the wedding. If your marriage can survive the forces of Mother Nature than your marriage can survive anything.

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We had a lil bit of rain, the only problem was a few of the BMs complaining ..but we had umbrellas and after the ceremony it wasn't raining much at all..it sprinkled for our outdoor pics, my photog had a pretty umbrella I got to use, and it gave kind of misty fairytale like effect in the pics from the rain and the drooping weeping willows, it was cool :-)

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oh ya, just do add..I think the rain is irrelevant in how marriage will turn out..marriage takes a lot of work, so it's up to the individuals..yes bad things happen we can't control sometimes, but even for people who's wedding day had nice weather.

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Wow Tammy S's grandmother's saying is kind of depressing!! I don't really believe in good or bad luck, but if it rains on my wedding day I'll be thinking of that and hoping it's not true, that's for sure!

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Ya know...if it only takes a rainshower to break a marriage, it probably wan't going to succeed anyway. :\

Just sayin!
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Sharron- Why do you think divorce rate is so high in WA state? It rains alllllllll the time. Most of these couples got married on rainy days.

just sayin.


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LMAO at some of these comments, I'm not superstitious at all, but it did rain on my wedding day, it was on and off the entire day. My venue's policy is if it rains, they automatically move everything inside, I didn't know I was still getting married outside until it was time to walk down the aisle... lucky for us, it stopped raining for our ceremony, as soon as the last prayer was done and we said AMEN, it started raining and everyone had to ran inside.

Everyone kept telling me the entire day that it was a blessing, I agree it's just things they say to try to keep a bride from freaking out because I was definitely freaking out from the time I woke up but my assistant prayed with me that morning and I didn't care about it. I don't believe that rain has anything to do with failures or successes in marriage.
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