Ideas of " In Memory Of" .
My FH and I really want to do something in memory of closed loved ones that have passed away at our wedding. I know alot of people do things like this, can you please give me some ideas? Thanks!

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Andrea Ank.
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I have heard of having flowers at the alter and the officiant making mention of why they are there

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I would try to keep it subtle. We brought up two baskets of flowers at the beginning to represent our loved ones that passed and had an "In Loving Memory" note on the program explaining what the flowers represented.

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My mother passed away less than a year ago, so I've been trying to think of something special I can do but I haven't come up with much. I know I'm going to leave a chair empty in the front row and take a flower out of my bouquet and place it on it, but I'd love further suggestions as well.

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My dad just passed away. and my FH mother passed away 12 years ago. I am doing a few things. Where they would have sat in church we both will be placing flowers in their seats. at the bottom on the program it will say that for those who can not attend we will have a moment of silence and then my priest will say at prayer for the souls that can not attend physically but that are there in spirit

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My grandmother passed away late last year. Her favorite flower was yellow roses. There will be a single yellow rose on an empty seat in the front, and I'm going to incorporate yellow roses, here and there, throughout the day.

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Keep in mind, it's a happy celebration, not a memorial. Going too far brings others down.

* Gin
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Good point Pumpkin, I lost my dad and my brother...while I want to have something special for them at the ceremony I do not want it to be like a memorial. My family has grieved enough between these losses and it's important that our wedding be a day of joy and celebration.

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I wanted something subtle too and we've had a lot of people pass away since we've been together. We didn't want it to feel like a funeral so this is what I did. DIY...

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@elizak that's a beautiful idea. Great job.

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I almost forgot, one of my BM lost her 9 week old son about a month and a half before the wedding. Her daughter said the baby is in the stars now, so we all had stars on our bouquets in his memory. We didn't say anything about it, it was just something for all of us to have him there with us.

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love that!!! there is a pinterest going around where you print pictures out on vellum and use ikea frames. then put a candle behind it...

i've attached the photo

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Our wedding is all about honoring the dead. We have each lost more people in our lives than two 26 years should ever have lost. It's why we chose a day of the dead theme. We are having a special table at the reception it will be our "alter" filled with pictures of loved ones we have lost, things that reming them of us, their favorite foods you get the idea. And instead of table numbers we are having our ved ones names.

Cynthia B
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I was thinking of pictures and a memory candle for my grandmother and FH big brother

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we are doing the candles for my mom and FH son.

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FH and I are struggling with this as well. Both sets of his grandparents, my one grandpa, and my uncles have all passed away. I wanted to do a digital picture frame with a memorial candle, but he was not very keen on the idea.

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Before our wedding starts, we will have two men walk two silver trays with bouquets to the front of the church and place them on decorated chairs. As they walk to the front, a speech that I wrote will be read. My FH and I were very close to our grandmothers. The bottom portion of my bouquet will be wrapped with scarves from both of our grandmothers. Most importantly, my grandmothers favorite scarf will be sewn into my dress.

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I am carrying a memory book (as will my MOH) with pictures and letters from our parents and brother. Will then place these on a table with a lit candle and pics of them.
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