ideas for wedding games??
I am planning on giving away each center piece to a guest at each table.

Does anyone have an idea for a game, or a way to make it totally random who wins?
Such as some sort of raffle? or anything else?

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are you doing a seating arrangement?
you could come up with something corny like "oldest person at the table", "anniversary close to yours or on the same day of the month as your"

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Jeannette has some good ideas. I was also thinking you could make up questions about yourselves and the first person to answer would win, such as "What month did we meet?" or "Where was our first date?" or "How did so-and-so propose?"

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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THe Newly wed game?

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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that might take too long! HMM..How about who ever at the table has a b-day closest to the wedding?

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I like the idea of trivia questions, but I'm afraid it's gonna take too long....

I also like the one with who ever has a b-day closest to the wedding, it's simple enough and don't think it will be too time consuming.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions!

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At DH's holiday parties each year, they raffle the centerpieces by saying whoever has the closest bday to the date of the party, then the centerpiece goes to the person on his/her left.

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DO something like....whoever tells the best joke...or...whoever has the best memory with the bride or groom. Something fun that will get people talking and laughing. They could write it down and put it in a box when they first get there and you could read em while you eat or something

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@ the barefoot bride-I want to do a newlywed game kind of thing. I thought it would be fun to have the couple who has been married the longest, us as the couple who just got married, and a third couple(haven't figured out the requirement yet lol) play it. I just dunno if I can get enough interest from everyone to do it!
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The salt & pepper game can be used to give away the center pieces as well as an ice breaker. I'm always surprised how much everyone seems to enjoy S&P.


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What's the salt & pepper game?

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I'm curious to hear about this salt and pepper game as well....

Mrs. Jacques
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Great ideas. What is the salt & pepper game?

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If your doing escort cards on the inside of the cards put stickers that are wedding themed. Then have one sticker at each table (the winner) to be like a diamond ring sticker and that person wins. Then have the DJ announce to everyone to pick up their escort cards and look to see who the winner is. If you dont want to have to pick who is the winner put the stickers on before you put the names OR if they are already printed with names on them, turn them over where you cant see the names on them and randomly apply the stickers, making sure to apply an appropriate number of winners.
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Sorry, it's kind of a combination of "hot potato" & "musical chairs". Email or call me if you'd like the rules and variants.

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k was wondering what the salt and pepper game was as well so I googled it. this is what i found..
Think of things that go together… there’s Peanut Butter and Jelly, Salt and Pepper, Cain and Abel… the list goes on and on. Now that you get the idea, you’re ready for Such & Such. It’s a game filled with clever pairings and witty competition..
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No, Malinda, that's not the game I was thinking of. Maybe I have the wrong name.
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