Ideas for Table Assignments/ Seating Charts Needed
Hi All,
Ok so we will have assigned tables but not assigned seats. I need ideas on how to provide guests with the table assignments upon entering the reception area. They will be able to enter through several different doors. I need to make sure that people understand that they are assigned to a specific table and to not just sit anywhere. I'm not having programs. We will have a table set up at the entrance of the ceremony area with a guest book to sign, maybe there? My ceremony & reception are all in one place....ceremony out on the patio & reception in the ballroom.

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I think the escort cards usually go near the front, where the guest book/card box/gift table is. It should be near the door/entrance or pretty easy to see.

I think your idea of putting it with the guest book table sounds perfect. Maybe put that table near the entrance from the patio to the ballroom, people will naturally flow that direction and they'll see it.

Tiny Dancer
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Where's cocktail hour? Are you having one?

Also, is it possible to block any of the entrances and shuffle guests through just one door?

Cynthia B
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What's your theme or your guest list?

There are some ideas on the following site.

I also saw one wedding that handed out individual bottles of champagne with the guest name and table # on it. Then they had something to drink on their way to their seat.

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I like that idea Cynthia. I like the idea of the chalkboards that have the table #'s written and then list the peoples names. Or maybe have a guestbook attendant also provide the guests with their table # as they enter for the ceremony. IDK

The cocktail hour will be in the reception room. It will be when the guests find their tables.

Our theme is not really a theme but a quote I liked.........Eat, Drink & Be Married.

I think it may be possible to block off the other doors to the reception area and have everyone go thru the same door.

Cynthia B
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That's a great quote. I love it! Now I want to find a way to add that to my wedding.... maybe on the way to the buffet table.... hmmm

Tiny Dancer
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If you can manage the flow of guests then do it. Then you can strategically set up the seating chart or escort cards in a space that everyone will have to walk past. Our venue is similar, there are 4 doors into the space, but we're only opening one. We're setting up the seating assignments just outside the door so guests will pick up their cards prior to entering.

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Ok, thanks guys. I didn't even think to block the other doors! duh

So now I just need to search for cool Seating Chart templates. There are several older posts about this I found for ideas!

:) Problem solved!

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I would put it next to the guest book, that sounds like it would be the best place. Maybe at each entrance you can put a sign that says something like "
please sign our guest book,
you will find your seating arrangments there
Thank you"
or something to that, maybe worded better

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I will be right there to help with anything you need! dont forget I'm working for you that day!!! I love you and cant wait for your big day!!!!

Hayley C™
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I just designed a seating chart in office and had Kinkos print it on a Large piece of paper. Glued onto Black foam board. Less than $6 Total.

PM me your email if you want the template.

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Awww Teeny, thanks! I'm sure well figure it out. I'm gonna make a seating chart board. I found some great ideas on here. How are you going to do yours?

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Not even close I'm still scared of the guest list!
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