ideas for making a Cupcake stand/tree
We are planning on having cupcakes at the wedding with a small 2 tier cake on the top. Chances are well have around 200 cupcakes, some of which would be on the table. I would like to get most of them onto one really big stand (atleast 175). I have seen the cardboard ones online but im scared it'll crumble under the weight of the cake or topple over it people just take cakes from one side. Has any body already made one or used the cardboard ones for that many cupcakes? Advice and/or pictures from past brides would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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I am an Event planner, and one of my followers on Pinterest posted this:

It sounds like the exact thing you are looking for. Also, is a fabulous resource.

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Another thing to consider is using a fake cake if you don't need the cake for the extra servings. They are cheaper and much lighter. This way you could use any stand you like without worrying about it being top heavy.

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Hi Megan ~ welcome to WW

A few WW brides have made their own stands.

~ congrats ~

How big are your cupcakes? This discussion has an example of dimensions.
Are you sure you will have space for such a big stand?

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I don't have a pic yet, because he's still working on it, but my FFIL found a nice chandelier off Craigslist and he's Turing it into a beautiful cupcake stand that will light up with LEDs. It's going to be pretty awesome. :)
He has a welding machine, though, and a lot of time on his hands, so that helps...
FMIL is baking the cupcakes. Yay!

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my dad is making mine. It's going to be all glass/plexiglass and it will have square tiers and thru the middle he is putting a glass/plexiglass cylinder with led lights in it so it shines thru the cupcakes... It was all his idea! I have a very talented/ awesome daddy!

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Oh my that tree stand looks gorgeous!

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My friend used a cardboard one. She had all cupcakes, but it came out beautifully! Nothing crumbled! We added ribbon around the bottom of all the tiers to hide the fact that it was cardboard and fancy it up a bit. Gorgeous! No one could tell it was cardboard! Was a bit a of a pain to set up and make it spectacularly pretty, but it turned out great.

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We rented ours from the bakery... it was cardboard and worked AWESOME!!! Don't over think it, they will look great no matter what you do. I would go with these stands again, I just used push pins and ribbon on mine for decor because I had to return them. The cupcake wrappers are what everyone was talking about mostly... they were well worth it.

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