Ideas for honoring FH grandmothers 88th birthday at the Wedding!!
We were thinking in honor of FH grammas 88th birthday that day we would get her a cake. FH would thank everyone for coming before cutting our cake and have her stand up and everyone give her a round of applause. as everyone is clapping give her a personal cake to blow out.then pass around the wedding cake?

What are some other neat ideas besides a cake?? flowers??

What do you think y

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If it was my grandmother that question would be easy-- I would present her with my bouquet and play her favorite song, she loves Elvis' "Love Me Tender"!

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Have everyone sing to her as well. You can make her own cake with candles and everything (leave the age off of it...).

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Play her favorite song and if she is able, have a special dance with her

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Agreed. Her favorite (likely old-timey) song would be perfect, and adorable!
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