ideas for aisle runner for a beach wedding
we are having our ceremony on the beach and i my dress has a chapel train and i really want to wear shoes (probably wedges). so far i have thought about maybe renting a red carpet (for our hollywood glam theme) or using bamboo mats and sewing them together. any suggestions?

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I have assisted with a wedding where they used a blue runner, kind of matching the ocean. When you walk up to it you felt like it was leading you right out to the ocean. If I can locate the picture I have I will attach it to another post so you can see it. Please feel free to look at my website if you would like ideas about what you might like to wear on your feet... Congrats! :)

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Here is a DIY blog on how to make a bamboo mat aisle runner (by sewing together)

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Hi Jennifer!
Congrats on your upcoming wedding : )
We perform a lot of beach weddings and ceremonies and I have found that the best runner is made of plywood attached end to end with the covering ( fabric, carpet etc) tacked down. It is so easy to trip on even the smallest ripple of runner especially on sand.
I love the glam theme and the red carpet! I rarely see bold colors on the beach.... should be some fantastic photos.
: )
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