hunting/fishing theme wedding idea help
My fiance and I are in the process of planning a camo theme wedding in east texas. we found this perfect resort right on toledo bend lake and everything. I just need decorating ideas. i have the dress and all the cloths picked out. I want my wedding to be amazing. No too fancy where no one will have fun but I also dont want to over do it. Any help would be appriciated. We are using the hunting and fishing decorations along with some camo (hunting camo not army camo) ~Thanks~

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you can really do it up with a hunting cake, i got a pic of one in an email but i dont have it anymore... im sure you can find some tho :]

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I am doing a fishing theme at my reception. We have mini Creels for our favors.... we are looking at a few fishing cake toppers. There is alot of cute stuff out there!

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have brad paisleys im gonna miss her "the fishing song" playing as one of your songs lol......idk maybe as favors have sweedish fish either red or whatever your color wedding is.

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I wanted to tell you that with the mini creels we are putting swedish fish and gumi worms and a tag that reads, " we reeled in love hook line and sinker" and there will be a bobber attached as well....

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here is something you might be able to hang... and there are really cool things throughout the site that are cheap... picture frames and so on that you could use for decorating... hope it helps

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I've found some good ideas when looking for hunting themed wedding.

A wedding cake, but I would change the cake topper. The topper is just too much.

A better cake topper.

Some Cute wedding accessories.

Someone else's hunting themed wedding.

Hope this all helped atleast a bit. GL!

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we have some camo themed accessories at see page 352 at our online catalog. If you go on my blog at you can scroll back to the most amazing hunter's cake I have ever seen. The bride in this wedding had an alligator head with it's mouth stuffed with flowers as the centerpiece at her head table. The ring bearer carried the rings tied to a fake fish in a fishing net. The groom's cake was shaped like an armadillo. That is pure Florida but might give you some ideas.
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