How to number tables?
I know what I'm doing for table numbers, but with my layout of my reception, how do you assign tables numbers? The tables are kinda of split into two sides, do I start number down one side, then go to the other side, or do I go across horizontally? Any suggestions or ideaS?

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Whichever works best for you...just make sure if you are making a map that it matches how they actually get laid out.

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um if they are split along two sides if it was me I would start on one side and work down then work down the other side.
As you looked at a plan starting on the left hand side.
horizontally would seem to confusing if it was me

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How many people are you having? You should probably have 10 to 12 people at a table so it's not too crowded.

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its 352 people, 8 people to a table, 44 tables...I like the idea of going down one side then going down the other side

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I would probably go down one side then down the other side.

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thank you!
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Personally, I like it when #1 is on the front of one side, #2 is on the front of the other side, etc. It makes it easier for the caterer to know which tables are 'family' tables (usually in front) so they can be served first without too much brainpower on their part, if it makes any sense....

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I agree with Celia, was just at a wedding almost that big 2 weeks ago and it was numbered this way. Very easy to find tables.

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@Celia Makes alot of snese too!!! I will look at my list again and see what will work best. Thanks

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Evens on one side, odds on the other?
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