How to not include children other than yours to the Reception??
First thing.. How do you not include children to your Wedding without being rude??

Also, it's not that we don't want children at our wedding we just don't want WAY TO MANY! We have 2 children and I want them at our wedding for the most part but I'm also planning on them to leave 2hrs into the reception (after the first dance). Also most of my bridesmaids children are pretty good for the most part so I told them they can bring their children if it's easier for them as far as a babysitter. But is that rude to my other guest that may have wanted to bring their children??

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I say no, it's not rude. I am inviting some children and not others. The great thing about the WW RSVP is that they can't add them- if they aren't on the RSVP, they aren't invited! The person would have to send a separate note to you to include them.
I am not putting "no kids" anywhere, partly because it's not true, but also because it could come off wrong. I am just addressing the invites without the "and family" and using the WW system to show my guests exactly who is invited.
I only invited my friends kids that I know and hang out with, my nieces and nephews and my OOT guests children. I cut about 40 people out of my wedding that way.

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I only had the children in the ceremony at my reception. I made it clear on the wedding website and on the invite you can put "adult reception to follow"

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I don't think it is rude. We are only having our daughter and the children of immediate family (i.e. nieces and nephews only). Total there will be about 8 kids there and they, like you, will be leaving in the middle of the reception so their parents can have fun without them!!

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We had zero kids there, and it wasn't a problem. We just spread the word in advance that the venue was licensed as a tavern, so all guests had to be 21 and up.

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We are planning to have the same someone to come get our kids a couple of hours into the reception. The only kids we are having are ours, the wedding party, my niece, sister and god daughter and they all are participating in the wedding somehow. Every one else will get a invitation that says Adult event only.

It can get pricey when you have too many kids there.

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Oh good! I don't feel so bad after all.. Of course everyone that is telling me it's rude isn't getting married.. I actually have a child's menu at my reception but I just really want my kids and the kids participating in the wedding. I even told 3 of my Bridesmaids (whom are very close friends) that they can bring their children only because they have a hard time on a regular day finding daycare, we live in Maryland (where the wedding will take place) and my entire bridal party is in New Jersey (where I'm from). But other than that I really don't want any children. Just like Torie. I'm looking to hire someone to take the kids midway into the reception.

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Same here! Not too many children because it can get pricey!

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Hell...we aren't even having offspring of any age of anyone! I don't think it is rude at all. It's your wedding, you have it the way you want it, and if people don't like it they can reply no.

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I am allowing a few children at our wedding, but not many. Our policy is for guests that come a long distance and can't leave the children over the weekend, then we accept them. But if they live local, we are not extending an invitation for children. I had one guest that called to ask if he could bring his granddaughter (who lives in a different state than he does). I told him no (and wanted to say that he could stay home with the grandchild for all that I cared).
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