How to Make a Guest List (HELP PLEASE!!!!)
Okay. So I'm trying to get my guest list together, but I keep having to start over because I get so frustrated with the bloody thing. Either I forget people, or I cut people out, or it just gets disorganized. Any advice on how to actually FINISH this thing? Many thanks!

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I made a big list of pretty much everyone i could think of (on word) and i color coded people by my family, his family, my friends, his friends, family friends. We then decided who we had to invite (family in our case) and then we started deciding "well,I haven't seen this person in 2 years" etc.

I really think it helps to not erase any work you have done, but to just change the color, or move it to a different list, that way you can go back and forth.

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I did mine on martha stewart weddings page. They let you make a huge list, then you can pick A, B, C groups of people. You can also make other lists from it like for reception, ceremony, shower, batchlorette etc, so it makes it easy to give you BM's everyones phone number or adresses you can just custom print one of the lists. Its free. You can also mark who says yes and no and make seating plans from the lists.

worked for me.

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I started mine in excel and just purged my head of all the people I knew and FH did the same. Then we started cutting to get to a reasonable number that would stretch the budget but not break it. We had a DW so knew not everyone would come but still planned like most of them who were physically able would.
I then loaded them here on WW (some with addresses from my original excel that I could upload here) which is also where my wedding webite was. All of the things S2B Mrs. Smith mentioned can be done on WW too, and also your guests can RSVP online here (although I would say only about 10% did, rest were mailed).
I also saw this flowchart (too late for my planning) that I always thought was cute to decide how to cut!


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the right thing to do is, have your parents, the grooms parents, the groom and yourself make 4 guest lists and then combine them

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We made ours together in excel and put people and made a category column (wedding party, family, my friends, his friends, co-worker, etc.). We then started to break the list down to how many we could invite and everyone over that. From there we discussed who we really wanted there and who we really haven't be in contact with in years. Our wedding is still far out so it's not final yet but we hope to make our final list once we choose a venue and know what our pp cost is.
Edit: As far as parental input we are not giving them a go ahead to make their own list but we will likely allow them to review the list to ensure we aren't going to start a family war. We are paying for our own wedding though so we don't feel we need to have them make their own guest list.
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We did ours like Shannon B, except we used good ol' paper and pen. :P

I do everything by categories, though... It's the only way I can stay organized. My whole wedding binder is categorized and each category has a few sub-categories. The guest list is pretty much the same way for me.

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We wrote down all the immediate family first, then close family friends, then close friends. We have a small guest list though, 100 people so far.

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We used the guest list tool on here, but first we downloaded the excel template and filled our guest list in there, we didn't re-upload it to WW until right before the invitations went out. Their excel template was very easy for me to work with, and if I realized later that I forgot someone, all I had to do was go to the last line of the list and add in another household.

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This wasn't our first wedding, so we had a somewhat sentimental approach for our DW. We first started with a max number of people our venue could accomodate. Since we knew we were going to max at 60, we looked at our lives and decided based on the fact that we wanted to be surrounded by people we loved and vice versa. We united people from all walks of our lives: family, old friends and current friends. We had the luxury of a good excuse for those who did not receive an's a DW.

My daughter organized her guest list as Theplanner2012 suggested. From there, guests were deducted or added based on things Juliett posted. When I was submitting my portion, family that has been a part of my daughter's life were the top priority. After that, I went with friends who knew the bride and groom and who I would like to celebrate with. Naturally, my daughter and her FH have the final call.

Shellie, I love the color code idea!

Good luck!

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I made an excel spread sheet for the names, addresses, and head counts... to track the RSVP's though I used WW guest list, and seating chart. Before I put anything in excel though we grab a notebook and just wrote the list of names.. if you made it the excel sheet its was 99.9% sure you were getting invited.
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