How to list parents and escorts on wedding program?
My FI's side is easy... His parents have been together for more than 50 years.

My side, however, gets sticky...
My dad, who I am not close with, will be attending, but not in the procession. Should I still list him under "Parents of the Bride"? Part of me says "He's not in the wedding party, leave him off", but the other part says "How freaking rude for him to attend and not be listed as a parent"

My mom will be seated during the processional (our officiant will be first up the aisle, which is not the norm as I understand it), and will be escorted by my uncle who I am very close with. Should I list him specifically as her escort, i.e. "Brides Mother Mrs. W escorted by Brides Uncle Mr. J" or just leave the escorted by part off? My uncle def won't care either way. I'd kind of like to acknowledge him, but adding the "escorted by" seems to start getting wordy/clumsy.

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I would still list your dad as a parent, if that's the heading you are using. He IS a parent, so list him as such.

The uncle part is a bit trickier. I listed parents only. My mom's boyfriend will be escorting her down the aisle, but I did not put him on the program. However, if he were my mom's brother, I might list him. Most people will know who he is and if they don't, does it really matter? Maybe just list, "Mrs. Bride's Mother & Mr. Bride's Uncle" and leave it at that, leaving out all the escorted by and titles and such? So your mom would be in two places:

Mr & Mrs Groom's Parents
Mrs. Bride's Mother
Mr. Bride's Father

Mr & Mrs Groom's Parents
Mrs. Bride's Mother & Mr. Bride's Uncle
Wedding Party
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