How to fire an emotionally delicate bridesmaid???
I asked a friend to be a bridesmaid months ago. Since that time she has become highly depressed and excessively emotional. We barely got through dress shopping, she has body issues and at first flat out refused to try on anything. After we all decided on a dress and she got it on she just started crying but said it would work. When I tried to tell her that if she wanted to back out I would totally understand and that maybe she just needed some time to work on herself she got all bent out of shape and turned it around on me with a guilt trip that I didn't want her around. I'm sincerely concerned about her but am also feeling like I am supporting her rather than the other way around and she is bringing the other bridesmaids down. It is getting stressful! How do I get her to accept that she needs time for her and should not take on the responsibility of another person's wedding right now??????

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Wow, I'm not an expert on this sort of thing so I don't have any advice. It does sound like she has some deep issues that therapy might help her with. Other than a straight head on conversation I don't really know how else to approach this. That might make it worse before she gets better though.

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Hi Jane-

My question to you is was she this way about any other stuff before the wedding?

I have found that weddings bring out all sorts of emotions in people, not just the bride. You should try and tslk to your friend and find out what her issue is. She may or may not be responsive.

Ultimately, you can't spend time babysitting her. I also think you shouldn't really think of it as firing her. It makes it seem like you are her employer which is not the case.

If you truly think she shouldn't be in the wedding the best way to get her to accept it is to tell her is she isn't the wedding and stick to your decision, no matter the consequences.

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I agree with Labake. I would invite her over for a private lunch and have a heart to heart with her and find out what's REALLY goin on.

I highly recommend giving her another job. If she is this emotional trying on dresses, she will definitely lose it during your ceremony. And you really don't want that.
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