How to finish reception w/o grand exit?
So reception ends at 9, with hr cleanup (we have to be out by 10 & self-clean up). I already have "closing time" as our last song, make it funny & obvious it's time to finish. But now I'm wondering how to exit. At first we were gonna do ribbon wands for guests as our exit, but that's just another wedding cost that I can leave out. So not having any exit favors, what exactly do we do/say? My parents are clean-up crew, should we stay & help them? Or should we maybe a little thank you speech for celebrating with us then leave? We are just going straight home after...

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I am having our dj announce last song, usually once the last song is played and the lights come back on people get the hint. I have self clean up as well. Im not sure what I plan on doing for that....

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do a thank you speech and then have the DJ announce that if anyone wants to continue on the party some people will be gathering at (insert pub name here) down teh street.

That gives guest an opportunity to go where other people are going if they want to continue on the party. Also most places are still relatively empty at 9pm so they will get booths/chairs if they go at that time.

should clear out your venue and let people still have fun, especially if they are ott guests.
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