How soon should you require RSVPs to be received by?
Our wedding is on October 24th so when I make my RSVP cards, when should I say that the RSVPs need to be received by?? Thanks in advance :)

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At least a week before you need your final headcount by. That way you can have time to call people that do not respond.
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I would suggest 2 or so weeks before just incase there are some late straglers. Then you will have some extra time before your final count is in.

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I'm too anal.....I'm going to ask for mine 1-2 mos. in advance!

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I did mine for 2 weeks before the reception.

Former MDLS now Mrs. K
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Thanks everyone for your responses!

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@At last.... I would be afraid people would forget about it having them respond 2 mos in advance.

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I would say about 2-3 weeks before the wedding day.. then do a Final Count 1 week and then call all that have not responded to see whats going on.. then give your final count to your caterer

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I was thinking of sending mine out 2 months before & having the deadline be 1 month before...this gives them 1 month to rsvp & still gives me time to tie up any lose ends
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I would have the RSVP deadline about four weeks out... that gives you plenty of time too to follow up on those you haven't heard from -- making sure it didn't get lost in the mail or anything.

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If you put a respond by date of one to two weeks prior to the wedding it gives you plenty of time to get a final head count, contact anyone who has not responded. Plus you will then have time to relax prior to the wedding with the final guest list done.

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Getting married May 1st and requested RSVP by April 1st to give me a two week lag time period to contact any guests before our final count is due (10 days before wedding day)

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Our wedding is July 31st, sending invites out by May 8th, asking for RSVPs by June 19th...I am doing them 6 weeks and 12 weeks before bc I have a B list, and still wanted to give my B list plenty of time.

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I'm going to have my rsvp one month before, lets me know how many favors, centerpieces i need if i need to make adjustments.

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I am trying to gauge when I should send mine out as well. My family is late to everything, so if their mailing habits are anything close to that, I definitely need a lag time. If I sent them out the third week of May and asked to have them back by June 30th I would have 3 weeks to work with between my RSVPs and the event.
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