How should I do my hair?
My best friend is getting married on September 1st and I get to be a bridesmaid in her wedding :) She is having a very rustic themed wedding and this is the dress that she picked out for me to wear. We are carrying bouquets of dried/preserved flowers. She bought the shoes that she wants me to wear, and I haven't seen them yet. The wedding will be taking place outside in Virginia, so it might be hot and humid. I asked her how she wanted me to do my hair and she said that I could do whatever I want. I am on a tight budget because I am planning my wedding and honeymoon plus I had to buy a plane ticket and get a rental car to go to her wedding, so getting my hair done professionally is not an option. I need something I can do myself or have her other friend help me with. Any ideas?

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you could always do a sock bun to get your hair out of your face.

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K M- I do think the sock buns are okay, but I am in the military and so is my best friend, and that is how we do our hair on a daily basis. I guess in order to make it not look like I am going to work I would have to figure out how to make it look "messier".

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If it's rustic, then maybe a little bit of a bang, and then half up in a ponytail, using something floral to put it up, and then the rest down with a few curls throughout. So it's out of your face but still rustic.

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How about these:

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Or these:

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All gorgeous ideas. You have beautiful hair and a great length. You can certainly play with a lot of styles.

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Anchal Kumar
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For my cousin's wedding in 2008 we had our hair in side ponytails and curly. I think it looks beautiful with strapless dresses and I am contemplating have my BM's do that for my wedding.

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Hi Lauren. Check out this article I found. It should be really helpful to u. Oh and Congrats and happy planning. :)

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these are fairly easy to do

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