how much to pay the pastor/church
hi guys i am getting married this sat!!!! my fh and i were discusing last night on how much to pay the pastor. we already figured out the pianist (she told us her price since we are getting married in the church that she plays at (and since it is a close location for everything and its in my hometown, also we know the patsor and my mom is a member there which is a plus) is like only 75.00....but my only thing is how much should we give a donateion to the pastor/church? he was thinking like 150-200. i was thinking 100 (bc we are really realy straped for cash and also somem unexpected finances came up so prob not going to have much of a honeymoon which sucks bc always wanted to go to nashville o well) its like i could always ask my real dad for help (he keeps offering. he cant come to the wedding bc of health reasons and cant leave his apt bc of it) but i feel wierd idk asking him for it bc to be continued

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i mean yea hed pick me up on like a sat or sunday when was little wed do stuff and or henever was older durin the week one day and then like whenever was in school hed always give me school clothes money. but my stepdad is more like a real idk i feel wierd asking my real dad to help us out (he has the money). i mean my fh does still have a job (thank god as far as we know) it just sucks bc going to have a crummy honeymoon bc my cc is already getting up there and i get ssi so that wouldnt be coming till the end of net week so that wont do no good......idk maybe i should ask him for help idk i am just to stubborn/proud to ask for help.

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we are paying 150 i think but my mom is taking care of it because she knows him since she works with him

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We are paying $100...1)I am good friends with my Pastor, 2)I am the church secretary (on church payroll)

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If 100$ is what you can afford than I would do that. If you get cash gifts at the wedding then you can give a little more.
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