How much to pay officiant...
We are having a catholic wedding and already paid to rent the church. I know we need to give the officiant something, but how much is appropriate? Any ideas?

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Our officiant is somebody I've known for years, he also did my brother's wedding years ago. We are giving him $100 but I think somewhere between 100-200 is pretty standard.

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Good question... I was under the impression that the church was "free" for the day for parishioners because you "pay" with your donations when you give to the offering each week?

I was going to give our priest something but I wasn't sure what... We had to pay for the piantist $150 and the churches' wedding planner (aka. person to make sure everything runs on time and is cleaned up before mass at 5:30) is charging $125.

I will definitely watch to see what the others think...

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My family's minister is driving two hours each way for our wedding, so we will be reimbursing him for mileage and then paying an honorarium to the church. This is normally $300, but he told use we could decide the amount because of how active my mother is in the church. I think we will pay the honorarium from whatever is left of the $300 after mileage, but we'll see how the budget shakes out - we might do more if we can!

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i was curious about this too.

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mine a 100

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We don't pay for any of it. It's all free.

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Mine is $350...Miami area!

Mrs. Simmons
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Wow I feel like I got an outrageous deal then! lol mine's $60!

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Ours is free, but we are giving him $100

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After my recent officiant experience I'd recommend checking yelp reviews....
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If you have an officiant who is based in your church, ask the church secretary or someone on the board of the church who can tell you what is customary. An independent officiant is going to let you know what the fee will be.

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We're paying ours $400 plus extra for the rehearsal....(I know Celia, I know..and I admire that you feel that it's unnecessary and don't try and 'sell it')

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We have to pay $360 for the music and cleanup already, and then plan to give him about $250 because he is also doing 5 counseling sessions for us. If it were just for the rehearsal and the ceremony I would say $100 is sufficient.
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be sure to check out a video of the officiant,

someone who can paint the day with elegant s and style
speaking well is a major talent
delivery and execution.

if you have a more then 20 guests
make sure that your ceremony is amplified !!

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Our officiant charged us 230.00 it was a set price he charged, I gave him a 50.00 tip beings he had to drive 40 miles and pay a 8.00 bridge fair.

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I would do what Celia suggested

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Our officiant is $325.00. I have known her for quite sometime but we lost track of each other over the years and I found her when I was searching for officiants. She will also be a guest at our rehearsal dinner/reception.

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Our officiant is $175. He is the Pastor at the church we attended. But we rented an old church/chapel for $500 and the pastor there came free with the rental, but he was very old with a hearing aid and missed our first appt with him so we decieded to pay the extra $175 to have someone we know and is reliable.

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Friend of the family we are giving her 50.00 but it was free.
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