How much to give as a wedding gift?
Recently I read an article about wedding gifts. It says that basically I should be expecting about 150-350 from each couple. That is crazy!!!! I was not realy expecting much or anything at all since most ppl will be traveling n spending a lot of money; but I felt kind of bad for gifts I had made to weddings that I have been to :(

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I wonder what area the article was written about? I typically spend about $100 and that seems to be pretty comparable to what others I know do...but I'm in Texas. Maybe East or West Coast is more? I think it's more about the celebration of the event than the gifts so I don't expect people who have taken time and money to come to my wedding to spend crazy amounts...

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We got about $100 per couple, some couples gave $50. I think it really depends on how close they are to you and how much they make.

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I heard that $200 a couple is the average. I have told people that i DO NOT expect this much though.I want people to come and have a good time, not feel they can't come because they don't have the money. (I am in Boston)

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Hmmm ... DH and I must be cheap then. We typically allocate about $50-$100 for gifts, whether wedding or baby shower.

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That sounds extremely pricey to me. I was told that your gift should at least cover your plate. Our guests each gave about $40 to $50 per couple. And I felt that was generous.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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I'm usually good for $200 for the wedding gift and $100 for the bridal shower/Eparty.

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omg sometimes I only spend around 50! Being a female and having to go all of the other stuff that comes along with a friend getting married, it is so expensive! I think established adults tend to spend more than us younger people, and it also depends on how close you are IMO

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I personally do 100.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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Jenn - you called it LOL I'm an "established" adult LMAO but when I was in my early 20's I only gave $50ish and the shower was in the 25-50 range cuz that's what I could afford. I'm literally cracking up right now and just told FH that we're established adults - he said I know you are but what am I. LOL

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I do 100-150 per couple for a wedding including the shower and the main gift.. Depending on my financial situation.

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I think you all are crazy... Id love to have you all come to my wedding.. I would only give around 20 maybe 30 at a wedding and if I gave at their shower than wont hardly do anything for their wedding.. I think bridal showers are ridiculous anyways. I dont expect much at all.. A card would be fine even if there was no money.. Getting married and having my family around is all that matters not making sure that people repay me for them eating at an event I invited them to come to.. JMO...

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I really think that depends on the relationship. We did not get even close to that on average, and we're on the East Coast, and our friends are *not* poor. And that was perfectly fine by us.

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Wow, things really vary person to person. The least I've ever given at a wedding is $100. The most was $350. Plus I always do a shower gift even if I can't attend.

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I give based on the how close I am to the couple and what my budget is looking like at the time which is what most etiquette experts will tell you to do. There isn't a set amount.

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I give 100$ per couple for a wedding and 50$ for the shower, plus spend about 10 to 15$ on the penny table (never been to a shower without one, its a tradition here!) I consider myself a semi established adult! lol

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Ashley C (formerly P)
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A couple factors go into deciding how much you will give. People generally give to cover there plate - usually $40 - $50 - and then based on how well they know the couple, their financial situation, etc.

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For the shower, we usually give about $50 in gift card or gift.
For the wedding we try to cover our plates so about $120-$200 give or take.

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we did not expect anything, I mean I figured people would give us stuff but we did not expect anything. We did get a couple $50 gifts, and the most we got was $350, but that seemed normal. A friend of mine got married in june and her cousins girlfriend came to the wedding and bragged about how she was not giving the couple aanything and made comments about not liking to spend money on others. Then after the wedding, told the bride she just did not have the money, but she had the money to get her hair and nails dome and buy a new dress. I think thats wrong.

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We usually give about 150 to weddings and then another 50ish at the bridal shower... We are on teh East Coast in NJ so that is about right... pay for your plate at least I guess is our mantra.
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