How much should we pay for a DJ??
I've never had to hire a DJ and we are afraid we could get cheated if we do not research first. Does anyone know the avg cost for a DJ for about 4 hours. What should we look out for?

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I would say around 150/200. We are paying 400 from 4-1am.
I would just call around and see who is cheaper and see if they have any reviews so you know if there work is good.

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Wow Tonya, that is really cheap! The cheapest quote I got was $450 for our 4-hour dance. Dinner music was $70 per hour and they had a flat rate of $75 for the ceremony, so our total package from 6pm-midnight was almost $700

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I did alot of calling in advance and then read a ton of reviews to determine who I was going to go with it was time consuming but its worth the reaserch. Some of the DJ are just doing it for fun for extra money or whatever I think I might have got lucky. Good Luck.


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The cost for vendors will vary greatly from one area to the next. Your best bet is to call around or check local bridal shows. Price can be affected not only by region, but also by experience, professional vs. hobbiest, quality of equipment and other options you may choose such as lighting and special effects. Make sure you choose a good DJ, get refferences from your venue or other brides. I have seen some DJ's turn the entire night into a big commercial about themselves. Remeber, this is the person that will keep the party moving and they should be able to read your guest to determine how to keep them on the dancefloor. Being a decorator, of course I'm gonna say the decor is most important! LOL! But the DJ is a very close second!

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I am seeing some pretty cheap quotes here. It depends on if you are going with a reputable DJ company or someone who is just well known for "rockin the crowd". I expected to pay about $1000-$1200 for a professional DJ. I tossed around the idea of dealing with a cheaper option but I want a plan of re-course if the DJ is late or ill or what have you. These prices however are for the DC Metro area so location does make a difference.

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It varies depending upon the area where you live. You will need to contact a few and get some quotes. If you go to my website at and click on "Hints and Tips for Hiring a DJ" you can get some basic questions to ask as you interview them. I will say this... you get what you pay for! So don't go for the bargain basement DJ who has zero experience running a wedding. Your reception is where so many memories will be made. Don't let those memories be bad ones.

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Definetly depends on the area. Im in AZ and standard for 4 hours is right around $600 or $700, and more time or more effects can get to $1500 or more. It also depends on the company. I was able to find a guy on Craigslist to do ceremony plus reception, 6-12 for $500. Definetly do your research, check craigslist and get referrals.

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I would say search around before settling on a DJ. I found that alot of DJs are offering discounts if you book early. The DJ I hired was doing a flat rate of $250 special. I jumped on that quick LOL

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You will also need to consider if you want them at the wedding for processional/recessional music or to mic the officiant. Though the DJ "works" for 4 hours, it could be more if you need that, and you have to account for their time setting up and tearing down, which is even more time if you need them to go from a wedding locale to a reception, too. All vendors are working for you for several more hours before your day even arrives, planning what your wedding needs. You want different things than another bride. Please remember that, as well.
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I am also going to say that it depends on the area that your wedding is located in. Prices seem to vary greatly depending on that.

Just make sure of these things when booking a DJ:
- Track record: Make sure that they have a long track of happy clients, and TALK TO some of those clients! Ask them questions about the DJ, their sound quality, music selection, professionalism, promptness, etc.
- Experience: Make sure they are experienced in DJing and doing sound for weddings. A radio DJ is going to be a lot different than a Wedding DJ. It requires a different set of skills and organization to do a wedding than it does a class reunion or party.

Good luck! :)
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I agree with Squakbox . Be sure that you check your dj out . Prices are very regional , SoCal is going to be more expensive than here in KC . Just remember cheaper is not always the best deal . Your dj is going to be the one person who is going to keep the reception flowing and the party going . If the going rate in your area is say $400 for 4 hours and you find someone who will do the "samething" for $200 ask yourself why so much cheaper ( if it too good to be true it is). On the other hand if someone is charging twice as much make sure they are offering more than just their "reputation".

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I paid $1000.00 for my DJ Kevin of Just Music LLC. and he traveled from MD to NJ. Our price included travel, gas, hotel and tolls. He was great. He is willing to travel. Just make sure that you DJ has all of the equipment he needs and that he/she doesn't have to rent any equipment which can increase the price. Also, make sure he has insurance although some places don't mention it, but it's a must in the event that something happens during your event.

Good luck.

if you are interested his e-mail is

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I think it really depends on where you live and what the area is like... I live in the Baltimore/Washington area and for 5 hours we are paying $1000... and that is at a discounted rate since we KNOW the DJ. Everything else I looked into (and it wasnt alot) was way more expensive... I have even seen DJ pricing around here to be about $2500 for 5 hours... its CRAZY!

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My DJ is $750 because its $650 for 4 hours and $100 each additional hour. My reception is 5 hours. He was the cheaper of the 2 DJs I had to chose from and he also has a lighting package. I was really excited because he can do video montages. I think it all depends on what you really does make the reception.
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Some things to ask when searching for a DJ:

Are they a licensed business as required by your state, county, city?
Do they carry liability insurance?
You do not want to hire someone and then find out that they aren't allowed to perform at your venue because they don't meet these criteria.

Are they members of a national or local accredited DJ organization?

How is the DJ trained? Did they get formal training on how to do weddings or did they just buy equipment and "wing it" in the hopes of someday getting it right?

Will they work with and show respect to the other wedding professionals that you hire? For instance, when it comes time to cut the cake, will the DJ inform that banquet staff, photographer and videographer BEFORE making any announcement on the mic so they can prepare for their duties?

Regardless of how much you pay for your DJ, make sure you have a formal written contract spelling out all of the details. I recommend making your retainer fee pmts with a credit card.

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I have gotten quotes from about 5 DJ and the prices range from $750 to $2000. You should not have to pay an outrageous amount for a DJ however sometimes you get what you pay for when you go too cheap. One of the main things that will be remembered at your reception will be the music. So do your research and look for reviews. I got a quote for $375 which seems like an awesome price for 5 hours but they had the worst reviews I have ever seen. They didn't even show up to a few receptions. Luckily I looked them up first. I also would make sure that they have insurance and a backup plan.

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The range of the pp is about right.

I am paying 1500 for an experienced DJ in NY to come to MD travel costs included. He will be there for the ceremony and the reception. so from Setup at 11 to breakdown at 5.

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OH and he will be MCing as well. Some dJ's are just good at music and not making announcements. You have to think about that as well when you are getting a quote.

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Thanks everyone. I will def look into everything you have suggested. I am in the STL area so I need to start researching now.

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I think the DJ is one of the most important parts of a wedding. The 3 things most people will remember and talk about... food, DJ, how beautiful the bride looked. My husband and I spent $1350 on our DJ and was worth every cent. I would have never booked a DJ just because he was cheap. Our DJ kept the dance floor packed all night and played the BEST music!!! Some wedding things you can go cheap on BUT not the DJ!
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